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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/026317
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Provided is an image sensor module structure enabling simple and highly accurate optical system assembly. This image sensor module is provided with: a translucent interposer substrate, which has a first surface, a second surface on the reverse side of the first surface, and a plurality of through holes; an image sensor, which is disposed at a position facing the first surface of the interposer substrate, and which has a light receiving surface having a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements that are disposed on the interposer substrate side, said image sensor being connected to an external circuit via electrodes in the through holes; and a lens unit that is disposed at a position facing the second surface of the interposer substrate.

TSURUOKA Yoshiaki (1-1-1, Ichigaya Kagacho, Shinjuku-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1628001, JP)
ASANO Masaaki (1-1-1, Ichigaya Kagacho, Shinjuku-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1628001, JP)
MAEKAWA Shinji (1-1-1, Ichigaya Kagacho, Shinjuku-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1628001, JP)
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Publication Date:
February 16, 2017
Filing Date:
August 01, 2016
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DAI NIPPON PRINTING CO., LTD. (1-1-1, Ichigaya Kagacho Shinjuku-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1628001, JP)
International Classes:
H01L27/14; G02B7/02; G02B7/04; H04N5/225; H01L23/15
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
TAKAHASHI, HAYASHI AND PARTNER PATENT ATTORNEYS, INC. (Sonpo Japan Kamata Building 9F, 5-24-2 Kamata Ota-k, Tokyo 52, 〒1440052, JP)
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