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WIPO Patent Application WO/2020/026433
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According to the present invention, a solid-state imaging device is provided with: a pixel unit which acquires an imaging signal; a register which stores a setting value for defining an operation of the solid-state imaging device; a processing circuit which analog-to-digitally converts the imaging signal into a digital imaging signal; a frame forming unit which generates a serial digital transmission signal in which a synchronization signal that is synchronized with the horizontal synchronization signal of a captured image is embedded in the digital imaging signal as a first serial clock signal; and a data transmission unit which transmits data of the digital transmission signal. A control device is provided with: a clock generation unit which generates a second serial clock signal synchronized with a first serial clock signal embedded in the digital imaging signal included in the transmitted digital transmission signal; and a register setting unit which transmits, in synchronization with the second serial clock signal, a register setting signal for controlling the register, and the register determines, by using the first serial clock signal, a control represented by the transmitted register setting signal and stores a setting value according to the determination result.

KATO Shuichi (2951 Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-sh, Tokyo 07, 〒1928507, JP)
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February 06, 2020
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August 03, 2018
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OLYMPUS CORPORATION (2951, Ishikawa-machi Hachioji-sh, Tokyo 07, 〒1928507, JP)
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H04N7/18; A61B1/00; H04N5/225
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TANAI Sumio et al. (1-9-2, Marunouchi Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 20, 〒1006620, JP)
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