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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/135126
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The present invention relates to an inclined keel capable of inclining a fin (3) to an angle greater than 90° and a watercraft having such a keel. The end faces of the upper part of the fin comprise trunnion supports and removable or non-removable drive sprockets (1). A removable or non-removable eye of a load-bearing structure is joined to a trunnion support. Drives are fastened onto the loading-bearing structures, said drives being connected to the ends of a driving chain (30) that wraps around the sprocket. The role of the drive for one end of the chain can be performed by one or several hydraulic cylinders (31), pneumatic cylinders, or lead screws that can be screwed into a threaded bushing or a unit having several bushings. The assemblies are covered by housings (72). The load-bearing structures are mounted on a craft through apertures in the bottom of the craft. Also described is an inclining-lifting variant of the keel and a variant of the fin, which is produced by connecting the fin to a shaft.

KUCHUKOV, Boris (Vzletnaia 7, kv.147Omsk, 2, 644112, RU)
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September 12, 2019
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December 07, 2018
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KUCHUKOV, Boris (Vzletnaia 7, kv.147Omsk, 2, 644112, RU)
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B63B41/00; B63B39/00; B63B3/38
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