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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/117022
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An induction generator (1, 1') for a radio switch (2) having a magnet element (3) as well as an induction coil (4) with a coil core (5) wherein the coil core (5) is U-shaped, wherein a first rest position (Y1) and a second rest position (Y2) are in each case defined for the magnet element (3), in contact with the limbs (6, 7) of the coil core (5), and a flux direction reversal takes place in the coil core (5) whenever a change takes place between these positions, wherein a movement path for the magnet element (3) is predetermined for a movement between the rest positions (Y1, Y2), wherein the induction generator (1, 1') has a first mechanical energy store (10) which is operatively connected to the magnet element (3) and first of all stores energy in the course of forcing a movement from a rest position (Y1, Y2) and, after reaching an intermediate position which is defined along the movement path and corresponding to which the magnetic forces on the coil core (5) decrease suddenly, emits this energy to the magnet element (3) in order to mechanically accelerate the movement of the magnet element (3) to the respective other rest position (Y2, Y1) after leaving the intermediate position.

RUFF, Eduard (Pfarrer-Ritter-Str. 9, Auerbach, 91275, DE)
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September 13, 2012
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February 14, 2011
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ZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN AG (88038 Friedrichshafen, DE)
RUFF, Eduard (Pfarrer-Ritter-Str. 9, Auerbach, 91275, DE)
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H02K39/00; H01H5/18; H02K35/02
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