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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/081425
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The present invention relates to an industrial vessel and a nail polish vessel for nail polish, which is a part of modern women's essential colour cosmetics. In the vessel of the present invention configured to apply decorative enamel liquid to a nail or toenail, the enamel liquid is stored in a tubular vessel, compressed by external pressure, and a predetermined quantity of the enamel liquid flows down through a liquid controller toward a center of a brush by the external pressure. Here, air in the tubular vessel is discharged by the external pressure, and then air flows into the tubular vessel through an inlet when the external pressure is released so that the tubular vessel can be recovered elastically. The vessel of the present invention includes: a tube-shaped connecting member; a first brush supporting member; a second brush supporting member; a third brush supporting member; an enamel storage vessel; and a part composed of an elastic spring, an elastic air absorption medium, a brush-fixing receiving groove, a built-in brush, a built-in outlet brush stick, and an elastic liquid blocking medium. The tube-shaped connecting member is formed by a connecting portion of the elastic tube, a liquid blocker and controller, an air absorption controller, a built-in brush and a bottleneck of the vessel being arranged lengthwise in midair and screwed. The first brush supporting member is formed by an upper portion being inserted into an inner side of the elastic tube while a non-slip agent extending outside and bent is inserted into the upper portion and fixed, a tapered outlet hole passes through an inner side downward, and a brush connected to the brush-fixing receiving groove is connected to the outlet hole. The second brush supporting member is formed by the brush connected to the receiving groove where one or more brushes can be planted at a liquid nozzle tip at a lower portion of a brush stick. The third brush supporting member is formed by one or more brushes being attached and fixed to a circumference of a built-in brush and nozzle tip at the lower portion of the brush stick. The enamel storage vessel is formed by the connecting member being screwed to the bottleneck to prevent the brush from being hardened. The part composed of the elastic spring, the elastic air absorption medium, the brush-fixing receiving groove, the built-in brush, the built-in outlet brush stick, and the elastic liquid blocking medium is disposed in the elastic tube, carries out a buffering function when the external pressure is applied to the elastic tube, temporarily blocks supply of the enamel liquid stored in the elastic tube toward the center, and carries out elastic recovery via air absorption to the tube. In addition, a liquid nozzle tip brush is mounted onto the part.

KIM, Young-Yug (102-703 Dongwon Apt, 1769-1 Geomo-dongSiheung-si, Gyeonggi-do 429-703, 429-703, KR)
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July 07, 2011
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December 29, 2010
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KIM, Young-Yug (102-703 Dongwon Apt, 1769-1 Geomo-dongSiheung-si, Gyeonggi-do 429-703, 429-703, KR)
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A45D34/00; A45D29/00
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