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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/186841
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In terms of input for Chinese-language electronic devices, the double Pinyin system is an ideal input method that reflects phonological structures of the Chinese language. However, it is difficult to assign twenty-one initials and thirty-five finals to a computer keyboard comprising three rows and ten columns, even with the exclusion of the special syllable "er". As such, there has been a method involving a conventional method of automatically switching between an initials keyboard and a finals keyboard during input, wherein one set of two perfectly complementary finals in terms of the relation to the immediately preceding initial is assigned to the same key, thereby achieving simultaneous input with a single press of the key. However, in this method, there is no complementary relation in finals connected to a so-called zero initial, i.e., finals not connected to an initial, and no one-to-one correspondence between pronunciation and keystroke sequence can be established. The present invention is configured such that, in the case of a so-called zero initial, one of the initials of the set is invoked when an initial code key for instructing input of a zero initial is pressed once, and the remaining final is invoked when the key is pressed twice in succession. This achieves perfect one-to-one correspondence between the pronunciation of a Chinese character and a keystroke sequence.

SATAKE, Yasuhiko (3-12-7, Shichirigahama-Higashi Kamakura-sh, Kanagawa 25, 〒2480025, JP)
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December 10, 2015
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June 02, 2015
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SATAKE, Yasuhiko (3-12-7, Shichirigahama-Higashi Kamakura-sh, Kanagawa 25, 〒2480025, JP)
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G06F3/023; G06F17/22; H03M11/08
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TAKUO KITAMURA ET AL.: "A New Character-Input-Method", IPSJ SIG NOTES. MBL, [MOBILE COMPUTING, vol. 99, no. 13, 5 February 1999 (1999-02-05), pages 39 - 46
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