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WIPO Patent Application WO/2008/029875
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An insulator (2) in which a housing (5) is integrally molded with a heat insulation section (20) at its lower part, where the housing (5) forms a part of a housing (64) of an acceleration pump (6). The construction enables the acceleration pump (6) to be placed at that portion directly around the insulator (2) that is conventionally a dead space, eliminating the need for a dedicated space for installing the acceleration pump to achieve space saving. In addition, because the acceleration pump (6) is at a portion around the heat insulation section (20), even if a pipe is used to interconnect a leading air passage (21) in the insulator and the acceleration pump (6), the length of the piping can be reduced to simplify the structure of the interconnection. Also, since the housing (5) is integrally formed with the heat insulation section (20), the number of parts can be reduced to reduce costs and facilitate assembly of the acceleration pump (6).

ONO, Ryou (1-9, Minami-dai, Kawagoe-sh, Saitama 65, 3501165, JP)
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Publication Date:
March 13, 2008
Filing Date:
September 06, 2007
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ZENOAH CO., LTD. (1-9 Minami-dai, Kawagoe-shi Saitama, 65, 3501165, JP)
株式会社ゼノア (〒65 埼玉県川越市南台一丁目9番 Saitama, 3501165, JP)
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F02M15/06; F02M7/08; F02M17/34
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KINOSHITA & ASSOCIATES (3rd floor, Ogikubo TM building 26-13, Ogikubo 5-chome, Suginami-k, Tokyo 51, 1670051, JP)
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