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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/208147
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Now, the used language for dumbs and people has a speech problem, is sign language. This language has main defects; such as a limitation in the words, a lot of hand movements, inability to communicate with the common people, difficulties of learning so, It needs to use newer and mightier device to communicate the dumbs with common people. The mail purpose to design and create it, is made the ability to speak to who has the speech problem for any reason. Such that are enabled to use all the words in that language or talk to common person who don't know anything about sign language. For using this device, there are no limitation movements such as sitting behind the desk or chair, not to interfere face to face communication, and there is no special movement to grab the attention. In the other words, the form of the communication is much like ordinary people. The Solutions for the design of a lightweight clothing, glove that is equipped with the sensors and electronics circuit for making wireless signals. These signals are received by the user's mobile phone and one android application has been written for this invention, The received signals changes to the audio speech and can talk with all official languages of the world. For talking, the user just needs to move their thumbs. This invention can make all of the words in the different languages dictionary. The function of this invention is making the ability of speaking of persons have speech problems for any reasons so that, this speech is as much as possible fast, easy, practical and complete dictionary and is as much as possible close normal speech.

MOTAHAR, Sepehr (Unit 15, No. 22 The Corner Of Alley 27th., Shahed St., Payambar Sharghi St., Ashrafi Esfahani St., Sadeghiy, Tehran 87535, 1473687535, IR)
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December 07, 2017
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May 30, 2017
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MOTAHAR, Sepehr (Unit 15, No. 22 The Corner Of Alley 27th., Shahed St., Payambar Sharghi St., Ashrafi Esfahani St., Sadeghiy, Tehran 87535, 1473687535, IR)
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G09B21/00; G10L13/00
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1. An intelligent system of digital glove for producing the words and sounds that is included at least one glove matched with human hands and also one flexible conductive network with polyamide cover and at least one electronic circuit that is included the central part of the Microcontroller and also the entrance port of the glove and the output port to the Bluetooth module and at least one Bluetooth module and also the installable software on the mobile phone with android operating system or IOS and/or each kind of hardware with the Bluetooth capability the Bluetooth and the possibility of installing similar software.

2. The invention of claim 1, wherein the used glove can choose from any kind material except the conductive material.

3. The invention of claim 1, wherein It can be used without glove and only stuck circuits, conductive electrodes to the palm, the operation of the choosing words can be done.

4. The invention of claim 1, wherein in the Microcontroller part, each kind of the convention and/or redesigned Microcontroller can use as hardware part.

5. The invention of claim 1, wherein the information output of the Microcontroller can send to the receiver device by the Bluetooth module.

6. The invention of claim 1, wherein the hardware system connected to the glove can have the vibrator module for declaring the choose the correct letter and warning the end of the charge.

7. The invention of claim 1, wherein to supply the electric power can use any kind of the lithium battery.

8. The invention of claims 1, wherein the hardware part equipped to the charging port and battery module.

9. The invention of claim 1, wherein equipped to the power switch.

10. The invention of claim 1, wherein equipped to the LED with ability to change color to declare the state of the battery.

11. The invention of claim 1, wherein equipped with the LED Bluetooth.

12. The invention of claim 1, wherein equipped with LED to show full battery.

13. The invention of claim 1, wherein to program again and software upgrade available on the processor Microcontroller equipped with On- Board Programmin Socket.

14. The invention of claim 1, wherein equipped with port reprogram the Bluetooth module.

15. The invention of claim 1, wherein the installed software on the mobile phone can separate the forwarded codes by the Bluetooth module glove and the comparison of the mentioned codes with available database of their software to coded letter or orders.

16. The invention of claim 1, wherein if you get recognition software code letters installed on the mobile phone, it will send us for each incoming code stored sounds in the database for playing with the mobile hardware.

17. The invention of claim 1, wherein if you receive USSD, according to the preliminary draft program, performance characteristics of the code can be ordered by phone.

18. The invention of claim 1, wherein if you recognize the mistake in writing the words in the database based on the initial rules by sending the particular USSD caused multiple severe vibration in the glove and awareness of the user.

19. The invention of claim 1, wherein in the event of loss of electrical power batteries and recognition by the home system mobile phone, if needed, the user become aware by some particular vibrations.

20. The invention of claim 1, wherein in the event of a sharp drop in battery power and recognition of the existing system of the software, the order to turn off sends to the hardware glove and for preventing of the battery damage circuit, the electronic structure of the device will turn off.

21. The invention of claim 1, wherein according to the usage of common elements in the alphabet in different languages, there is no limitation for producing and sending the words in this mentioned system.


The intelligent system of digital glove for producing the words and sounds


The present invention is related to the procedure and method for helping the people with speech problem or dumb person for speaking with others and transfer the meaning of the themselves to others, and also is related to the applications which is Installable on the mobile phone.


The invention is represented with No. CN1068904A called" Chinese character writing way for blind or dumb person" in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The present invention belongs to character processing technology, and is used for blind and dumb persons to read and write Chinese characters. It consists of four parts, that is, a reference list of Latin alphabet, braille and sign language, a Chinese intonation spelling imitating staff, a memory pithy formula of braille dot positions, and a reference list of punctuation marks. The braille and sign language are suitable for handshaking language, arm language and flag signal. They said way has only 26 letters, initial consonants and vowels and double spelling so, it is simple and efficient. This invention just supports the Chinese language and the other language isn't defined.

In other invention is represented with No. US 8718047 B2 called "Text to speech conversion of text messages from mobile communication devices" in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A method includes providing a user interface, at a mobile communication device, that includes a first area to receive text input and a second area to receive an identifier associated with an addressable device. The text input and the identifier are received via the user interface. A short message service (SMS) message, including the text input is transmitted to a Text to Speech (TTS) server for conversion into an audio message and for transmission of the audio message to the addressee device associated with the identifier. An acknowledge message transmitted from the TTS server permits the addressee device to allow delivery of the audio message or to decline delivery of the audio message. The TTS server transmits the audio message in response to the addressee device, allowing delivery of the audio message. A confirmation message is received from the TTS server that indicates that a reply voice message has been received from the addressee device in response to the audio message.

In other invention is represented with No. CN2241375Y called "Portable spelling and speech device" in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The utility model relates to speech synthesis technique, particularly a spelling and speech device, which mainly solves the problem that the pronunciation of existing speech synthesis is simple, and the existing speech synthesis can not be used to proceed the communication between deaf-and-dumb men. The speech device is provided with the main board of a microcomputer, specially used keyboards, the specially used card of the speech device and a loudspeaker. The inner part of the specially used card is solidified with a voice driving program, and the specially used keyboards are respectively provided with sound keys, vowel keys, functional keys, numeral keys, etc. The instruction is input to the computer through a user's keyboard operation, the speech synthesis is proceeding, and the speech is sent out from the loudspeaker. The utility model can be started without using a magnetic disc, size is small, and carrying is convenient, which is suitable for the deaf-and-dumb men's use.


Right now, the language used by the people whose disability speech is sign language and this language has main defects; there is a limitation for the numbers of the words and concepts, there is no word for deep and complex concepts, there are some actions that to grab the attention of the public, it isn't able to communicate with others that don't know the sign language, learning of this language is so hard and it doesn't use any kind of technologies.

So, we need a newer and mightier device for making communication between dumbs and common people in the society. The main purpose of designing and producing of this device is making ability to speak for who can't talk well for any reason. If they are able; using all of the words in that language, talking with common people who don't know the sign language, there is no limited mobility, such as sitting behind the desk or chair, not to interfere with the face to face relationship with the audience, for usage, there are no needs for the sign language. The other's attention is at least, to keep the eye contact, the main part of the action does with the person user's mobile phone and it can be much shorter and easier to build, the port created speech data must be so lightweight, and have simple and easy technology, learning of usage just takes a short time, and the people don't know the sign language such as the patient can't talk because of a recent injury or accident, can use this device easily and rapidly.

This invention is included a very lightweight clothing, gloves (Figure 1) and one flexible circuit that is installed on the palm of the gloves and its thickness is a tenth of the millimeter (Figure 2) and has sensors and wirings. The rest of the electronic components of this device are in the small box separately by one wristband, closes to the forehand (Figure 3) and it can be hidden below shirt sleeves. Total weight of the glove and box nearly 70 mg. The circuit is installed on the palm of the glove has as flexibly as the cloth. This makes it easy transport and grabs the at least attention. It can be said, two hands of the user for any kind of action are free. First, there is glove in one hand, second the flat and flexible surface of the one glove won't cause problem for doing the daily tasks and user can do everything with the glove. Because of the thin, flexible circuit that is mentioned above, the user can feel the clicks that are doing by their finger on the other fingers, by touching, so after a while practicing, they can talk with a person without looking at their hand and keeping their eye contact. It isn't necessary for the wide range of the movement to grab the attention. In addition to that, due to have lightweight, user can carry it during the day and If they need, use it. So this way is more effective and practical than writing on the paper or texting by mobile phone and showing this to the audience. It must be mentioned that, in some cases the only way to talk, is sound such as when you are sitting at the back of a taxi or speaking for the group.

This device has been designed by using the Microcontroller ATMEGA16 (Figure 4). As you can see, with one glove that has a role as a keyboard, receives the information and processes them and transfers the mentioned information through the Microcontroller serial output to the Bluetooth module (Figure 5) and by this module transfers to the user's mobile phone. The specific application of this device is installed in the user's mobile phone. The mentioned application changes the received information to the human speech, one of the languages such as Persian, English, French, Dutch, Italian or other languages that is chosen by the user, and plays them as well.

The power supply of this invention is a small lithium battery that is equipped to the lithium battery charge control circuit and is chargeable by charge popular Android phones on the market. Keyboard input port of the invention has 16 output lines that are originated from separate sensors on the light clothing glove just in one hand. It has three LEDs that are included ordering to show the switching device, to show the state of the battery charge, the Bluetooth connection of the glove to the mobile phone. The system of the power button is push-delay like a mobile phone. This invention is equipped with the vibration engine to warn and alerts to announce typographical errors and it is equipped with the battery voltage detection circuit glove and showing them on the mobile screen and warning for finishing battery by vibration in the glove. This invention has socket programming on-board software to upgrade to the next version.

The structure of the glove is so simple and just includes one clothing, glove that on the palm of it, there is one flexible circuit that is made of polyamide is stuck and it is designed for this glove. The designing of this circuit is placed on each four fingers except thumbs, there are four silver sheets that are doing as touch sensors, and totally are 16 sensors. At the top of the thumb just has installed one silver sheet that is used to stimulate in the 16 sensors on the fingers. The silver sheet on the thumb is connected to the earth orbit. The 16 sensors on the other fingers connect to sixteen input pin of the control pin and are in the pull-up mode. When the silver sheet in the thumb hit to the each one of the 16 sensors on the other finger caused the change the status one of the 16 mentioned pins on the Microcontroller from 1 status to the 0 status. Then a Microcontroller depending on which events happened in which pin, one number code transfers to the mobile phone that is supposed as representative of the alphabet. Due to produce the information is by short connecting one pin to the earth, the possibility of the interpretation of mistake is zero. If we want to interpret the special location glove by Gyroscopic sensors, the possibility of mistake will increase and surly, saying a mistake words or meaningless for the user is so annoying.

The written program for a Microcontroller that is written by application code vision is able to recognize simple click from double clicks and triple clicks (that they put next to each other). Because each of the 16 sensors on the fingers can recognize the simple click from the double clicks and triple clicks easily. So this glove can send 48 letters totally, that can answer to the alphabet on the existing language. Since the numbers of the alphabet in that language are in Persian (32), English (26), French (36), Dutch (30) and Italian (33). The triple clicks are just using for some of the French and Dutch alphabets. In other cases just use as simple and double clicks. On the other hand, in mobile phone, this contract number change to alphabet letters and it is doing the human speech production steps on it and the produced sound plays from the speakers. Since this process is done sequentially, it seems the mobile phone at the same time talk based on the finger's user. Using of the mobile phone as detector system and an audio processor caused the pieces used in this device are much less and the making of them is simple and the produced sound has high quality.

The android application is installed on the mobile phone written by using android studio programming software. For using that just installs the application on the mobile phone and turning on the gloves circuit and waiting to turn on LED connected to the gloves to the mobile that is blue, and immediately turns on.

While the application done in the mobile, after selecting the language, one index appears in the next of the screen that guide the user touches which one of the sensors for each alphabet letters and shows the number of the clicks, for example, the sensor on the top of the thumb will send "a" letter by one click and double click for "b" letter.

In fact, the user has a role just for turning it on and off. So it is easy -usage. Just it should keep our mind the rules of the type. To use this application needs the android 4.12 and upper versions.

This invention can be a practical and complete producible and economical device in the entire world and solve the speech problems almost, for millions people.


The figure 1 shows the total view of the invention.

Figure 1: The total view of the invention

1- 1 The clothing, gloves

2- 1 The flexible circuit on the palm of the gloves

3- 1 The electronic circuit connected to the gloves

4- 1 The Microcontroller

5- 1 The Bluetooth modules

6- 1 The personal mobile phone Figure 2: The view of the sensors on the gloves (the real view of the invention) Figure 3: The box of the electronic circuit that is closed to the forehead (the real view of the invention)

Figure 4: The circuit schematic connected to the gloves

In this figure, it shows the circuit schematic that provided by the Protel software.

Figure 5: Android application installed on the phone interface


• The most advantages of this device is the user can communicate with other people who don't know anything about sign language, easy and rapid communication.

• Using the mobile phone as a central part of the hardware of the project, caused the used pieces can be, the less and making this device can be so easy.

• One of the main advantages of this invention in comparison with before is at least mistake due to produce the information in short connection at one pin to the earth, so its mistake is Zero. If we want to use Gyroscopic sensors for interpreting the special location glove, the possibility of the mistake is increasing, surly, saying the wrong words or meaningless is so annoying for users. • The glove and its circuit are so lightweight and portable. Their weight is about 70kg. The structure of the glove is so simple that is included one clothing, glove which is installed a very thin and polyamide flexible circuit on the its palm and designed for this glove and is stuck on it. The rest of the electronic pieces closed on the forehand and installed in the box separately, with the wristband. It can be hidden in the sleeve shirts so it seems the user just wears a common glove.

• It can be said that two both hands of the user are free for doing everything. First, because there is glove on one hand, second the flat and flexible surface of the glove will not be prevented from routine tasks and the user can do all their tasks with it.

• Learn how easy it is. In fact the user just keep in their mind the location of the letter on the finger to talk. In comparison with the sign language symbols and references is much less and easy. So the usage of this device is easier than learning the sign language for the person has speech problem recently.

• Another advantage of this structure, the user can feel by touching the location of the clicks that are done by the thumb on the fingers because of the mentioned thin, flexible circuit so after some practices can talk without looking at the their hands while keep their eye contact with their audience. • Since this glove uses the alphabet letter for making the words, So it can pronounce all words in the language and it can enable the user to talk about concepts which is no equivalence in the sign language.

• The user can talk all of the living language of the world.