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WIPO Patent Application WO/2004/009977
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The invention discloses an intercooling and heat-regenerating two-stroke engine. The engine includes a main cylinder (14), a compression cylinder (26) and one sub-cylinder (45) or two sub-cylinder (48) and (55), in addition, an intercooler (92) and a heat regenerator are provided to the engine. The sub-cylinder can communicate with a charging port, a scavenging inlet, a scavenging outlet and an outlet for hot gas in turn via a control valve, thereby accomplish the cycle of working process which includes intercooling and heat-regenerating procedure. The outlet (90) for hot gas communicates with the main cylinder (14) via a combustion chamber (100) and a connecting passage (101). The burning will not occur within the sub-cylinder, thereby the heat loss of sub-cylinder can be eliminated, and the corresponding control valve can be free of the high temperature influence from working fuel gas.

Han, Peizhou (Room1202, Baiyun Plaza No.1 Baiyun Roa, Xicheng District Beijing _0, 10000, CN)
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January 29, 2004
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July 17, 2003
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Han, Peizhou (Room1202, Baiyun Plaza No.1 Baiyun Roa, Xicheng District Beijing _0, 10000, CN)
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F01L1/18; F01L1/30; F01L1/46; F01L7/02; F01L7/12; F02B29/04; F02B41/00; F02B75/02; (IPC1-7): F02B51/00; F01L7/12
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CHINA PATENT AGENT (H.K.) LTD. (22/F, Great Eagle Centre 23 Harbour Roa, Wanchai Hong Kong, CN)
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