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WIPO Patent Application WO/2004/081355
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The invention relates to engine engineering, in particular to piston internal combustion engines and can be used for surface, water and air transport means, for stationary and mobile devices for industrial energetic etc. Said invention makes it possible to improve the efficiency of an engine. The inventive internal combustion engine provided with rotatable pistons comprises a body-cylinder provided with input and output windows, pistons arranged therein and dividing the cylinder into variable volume cavities, an output shaft with a flywheel which are connected to the pistons by means of a composition of motions gearbox, shafts and levers. The engine cylinder is embodied in the toroidal form and provided with pair-connected pistons. Each pair in is connected to the shaft thereof and, afterwards to the output shaft and the flywheel by means of said composition of motions gearbox which is provided with pinions having cylindrical and toothed sectors used for interacting with wheels each of them being rigidly connected to the piston shaft thereof. Said wheels are provided with circumferentially arranged high rollers and rollers which are by several times smaller and used to interact with the front section of a first tooth of the toothed sector of the pinion and to interact by the high rollers of the wheel with the cylindrical sector of the pinion.

Ludilov, Alexey Alexandrovish (Tamozhenny proezd, 8-2-111 Moscow, 5, 15372, RU)
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Publication Date:
September 23, 2004
Filing Date:
March 12, 2004
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Ludilov, Alexey Alexandrovish (Tamozhenny proezd, 8-2-111 Moscow, 5, 15372, RU)
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F01C1/077; F02B; (IPC1-7): F02B/
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Konoplyannikova, Tatyana Nikolaevna (a/ya, 32 Moscow, 5, 12116, RU)
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