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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/008781
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[Problem] Stratified charge combustion in which fuel is injected into a conventional combustion chamber exhibits the problem that the fuel cannot be efficiently and reliably collected in the vicinity of an ignition portion of the combustion chamber, and it is consequently impossible to form a combustible layer with axial symmetry around a cylinder axis to enable uniform flame propagation in a circumferential direction, thereby making it difficult to improve the combustion efficiency. [Solution] A reciprocating engine which is provided with a volumetric hydraulic supply means that is driven by an internal-combustion engine, and which activates opening and closing of gas exchange valves by means of hydraulic pressure generated by the volumetric hydraulic supply means is configured as a four-cycle internal-combustion engine in which: a combustion chamber has a substantially spherical shape or a substantially conical shape; the gas exchange valves are disposed radially in the combustion chamber; an ignition plug is provided in the vicinity of a point of intersection of the combustion chamber and a cylinder axis; and a plurality of tangential ports are provided to generate swirls having the same direction of rotation inside the cylinder; wherein a fuel such as hydrogen or methane having a lower density than air is supplied into an intake system and/or the combustion chamber, and the supply of the fuel is controlled in accordance with an operating condition of the internal-combustion engine.

IJIRI MASAHIRO (1-38-12, TudaminamimachiHirakata-shi Osaka, 24, 〒5730124, JP)
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January 10, 2019
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August 25, 2017
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IJIRI MASAHIRO (1-38-12, TudaminamimachiHirakata-shi Osaka, 24, 〒5730124, JP)
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F02D19/02; F02B23/10; F02B31/06; F02D13/02; F02D19/08; F02D41/02
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