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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/199687
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In order to provide a laminating apparatus for manufacturing a laminate with little variation in finish thickness and in which the stop position of a pressing body for pressing a workpiece can be precisely controlled, a laminating apparatus is provided with workpiece conveyance means, vacuum-laminating means (vacuum-laminating device (20)), and flat press means (flat press device (30)), wherein the flat press means (flat press device (30)) has a ball screw (36) for supporting one of a pair of pressing bodies (press blocks (31, 31')), a servomotor (35) connected to the screw shaft (36a) of the ball screw (36), gap measurement means (linear scale (37)) for measuring the distance between one pressing body (31') and the other pressing body (31), and pressing gap control means for moving and stopping the one pressing body (31') at a position that produces a predetermined gap in relation to the other pressing body (31), the pressing gap control means being configured so as to modify the speed of the servomotor (35) on the basis of the distance information between the pressing bodies that has been obtained by the gap measurement means (linear scale (37)).

IWATA Kazutoshi (16-3, Nakamachi 1-chome, Machida-sh, Tokyo 21, 〒1940021, JP)
HONMA Yoshiaki (16-3, Nakamachi 1-chome, Machida-sh, Tokyo 21, 〒1940021, JP)
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Publication Date:
December 15, 2016
Filing Date:
June 03, 2016
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NIKKO-MATERIALS CO., LTD. (16-3, Nakamachi 1-chome Machida-sh, Tokyo 21, 〒1940021, JP)
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B29C43/28; B29C43/36; B30B15/34; H05K3/00
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SAITOH Yukihiko et al. (City Corp. Minamimorimachi 802, 2-7 Minamimorimachi 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 54, 〒5300054, JP)
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