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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/033147
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The present invention relates to a latch and/or lock assembly for operative engagement with a handle mechanism having a handle that is manually movable about a handle axis and a force providing part operatively associated with the handle for movement in response to movement of the handle. The latch and/or lock assembly comprises: a bolt configured for latching and/or locking engagement in a respective or complementary recess; and a bolt retractor mechanism for moving the bolt from an extended position for engagement in the recess to a retracted position for disengagement from the recess. The retractor mechanism includes a retractor member that pivots about a retractor axis to move the bolt to the retracted position and a force receiving part for receiving input force to pivot the retractor member about the retractor axis. The force receiving part of the retractor mechanism is configured to engage with the force providing part of the handle mechanism in a single or unique posture.

GREENBURY, David (31-33 Alfred Street, Blackburn, VIC 3130, AU)
LAMBROU, Harris (31-33 Alfred Street, Blackburn, VIC 3130, AU)
WILLIAMSON, Geoff (31-33 Alfred Street, Blackburn, VIC 3130, AU)
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March 28, 2019
Filing Date:
August 17, 2018
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GAINSBOROUGH HARDWARE INDUSTRIES LIMITED (31-33 Alfred Street, Blackburn, Victoria 3130, AU)
International Classes:
E05B15/00; E05B1/00; E05B7/00; E05B55/12; E05C1/00
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SPRUSON & FERGUSON (GPO Box 3898, Sydney, New South Wales 2001, AU)
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