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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/113077
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An LED panel light, comprising: an integrated surface frame (1), and a reflector plate (7), a light guide plate (3), a diffuser plate (2), and a back plate (4) fastened to the surface frame (1) which are stacked in the middle section of the surface frame (1) in sequence; the back plate (4) is provided with a plurality of slots (5) and a plurality of LED light stands (6) connected to a lower surface of the back plate (4); the surface of an inner side of each of the LED light stand (6) is also provided with a mounting groove (61) for mounting LED light bars; and the surface frame (1) is provided with a plurality of buckles (11) adapted to the slots (5). During mounting, the LED light bars are loaded in the LED light stands (6), then the reflector plate (7), the light guide plate (3), and the diffuser plate (2) are placed in the back plate (4) in sequence, and finally, the surface frame (1) is fastened to the back plate (4) to achieve assembling of the LED panel light, so as to avoid contact between the LED light bars and the surface frame (1) in use to soften and deform the surface frame (1), achieve that the surface frame (1) of the assembled LED panel light faces up, and avoid wearing the surface frame (1) of the assembled LED panel light during transport.

CAI, Wenzhen (No.301, Unit 1 Building Four, Longfu Garden, Fenggang Tow, Dongguan Guangdong, Guangdong, CN)
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Publication Date:
June 28, 2018
Filing Date:
February 10, 2017
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DONGGUAN XINJU OPTRONICS INC (No.8 Changfu Road, Qinghutou Country Tangxia Tow, Dongguan Guangdong, Guangdong, CN)
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F21V7/05; F21V17/00
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DONGGUAN YONGQIAO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FIRM (No.A809 Huakai Plaza, Yuan Mei Road Nancheng Distric, Dongguan Guangdong 0, 523000, CN)
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