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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/012514
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An LED tube lamp (500), which implements the safety function for protecting the user from electric shock since it conducts only when both ends thereof have been correctly installed into a lamp socket. The LED tube lamp (500) includes an installation detection module configured in the LED tube lamp (500) to detect an installation state between the LED tube lamp(500) and the lamp socket. The installation detection module includes: a detection pulse generating module (2540, 2740), configured to generate a first pulse signal; a detection result latching circuit (2560,2760), configured to receive and output the first pulse signal; a switch circuit (2580,2780), configured to receive the first pulse signal from the detection result latching circuit (2560, 2760), and configured to maintain a conductive state of the switch circuit (2580, 2780) during the first pulse to cause a power loop of the LED tube lamp (500) to be conductive; and a detection determining circuit (2570, 2770), configured to detect a first sampling signal on the power loop so as to determine the installation state between the LED tube lamp (500) and the lamp socket.

XIONG, Aiming (No.1288 Jiachuang Rd, Xiuzhou AreaJiaxing, Zhejiang 3, 314013, CN)
LIU, Xintong (No.1288 Jiachuang Rd, Xiuzhou AreaJiaxing, Zhejiang 3, 314013, CN)
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January 26, 2017
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July 15, 2016
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JIAXING SUPER LIGHTING ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD (No.1288 Jiachuang Rd, Xiuzhou AreaJiaxing, Zhejiang 3, 314013, CN)
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F21K9/27; F21K9/278; F21V25/04; H02H3/16
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CHINA SINDA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LTD. (B11th Floor, Focus Place 19 Financial Street,,Xicheng District, Beijing 3, 100033, CN)
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