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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/072065
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A length-adjustable electric hair trimmer, comprising a body assembly (1) and a head assembly (2). The body assembly (1) comprises a housing (8), a battery cover (3), a motor (7), a motor rack (5), a battery (4), and a circuit assembly; the head assembly (2) comprises a head (11), a head cover (27), a cutter assembly (24), a swing rod (10), a combing sheet (14), adjusting buttons (13), and protrusions (12); the motor rack (5) is mounted in an inner cavity of the housing (8); the motor (7) is clipped at the top end of the inner cavity of the housing (8) by the motor rack (5); the cutter assembly (24) is tightly mounted at the top end of the head (11); holes (23) are formed at two sides of the head (11); the adjusting button (13) is mounted in each of the holes (23) and can slide up and down in the hole (23); the combing sheet (14) is sleeved at the upper portion of the head (11), hooks (30) are provided at two ends of the combing sheet (14) to hook the adjusting buttons (13) and to be linked with the adjusting buttons (13); slots (26) are formed in the holes (23) at two sides of the head (11), the protrusions (12) are mounted in the slots (26), the protrusions (12) are elastic, and the protrusion bodies (12) of the protrusions (12) catch the adjusting buttons (13) to limit the upper and lower positions of the adjusting buttons (13).

LIN, Ping (No. 17, Cangqiao StreetWuma Street, Lucheng Distric, Wenzhou Zhejiang 0, 325000, CN)
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April 18, 2019
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September 12, 2018
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ZHEJIANG ANDA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (No. 377, Binhai 4th RoadWenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zon, Wenzhou Zhejiang 0, 325000, CN)
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B26B19/20; B26B19/04; B26B19/38
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WUXI HUICHENGYONGXIN PATENT FIRM (GENERAL PARTNERSHIP) et al. (Room 1506, Block C Rongzhi Mansion,No. 4, Longshan Roa, Wuxi Jiangsu 0, 214000, CN)
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