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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/024009
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A liftable hinge (4) comprises a recessed hinge body (41), a protruding hinge body (42), two first vertical-movement positioning members (44, 45), two second vertical-movement positioning members (46, 47), and two elastic members (48, 49). Two first connecting portions (411) are provided on the recessed hinge body (41). A notch (413) is formed between the two first connecting portions (411). A second connecting portion (421) is provided on the protruding hinge body (42). The recessed hinge body (41) and the protruding hinge body (42) are pivotally connected to each other by a connecting member. The two first vertical-movement positioning members (44, 45) are sleeved on the connecting member, and located inside the notch (413). One second vertical-movement positioning member (46) engages with one first vertical-movement positioning member (44). The second vertical-movement positioning members (46, 47) are respectively provided with first fixing holes (460, 470) running therethrough in a radial direction thereof. Second fixing holes (401, 402) are provided on the connecting member in positions corresponding to the two first fixing holes (460, 470), wherein a fixing member is mounted in one of the first fixing holes (460) and the corresponding second fixing hole (401). The elastic members (48, 49) connect the first connecting portions (411) and the second vertical-movement positioning members (46, 47) and abut a surface therebetween. The invention further provides a shower door using the liftable hinge (4).

WEI, Wuxiang (No.2 of Hedong Road, Yanghe Town Gaomin, Foshan Guangdong 1, 528231, CN)
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February 07, 2019
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August 02, 2017
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FOSHAN IDEAL CO., LTD. (No.2 of Hedong Road, Yanghe Town Gaomin, Foshan Guangdong 1, 528231, CN)
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E06B3/48; E05D3/02; E05D5/02; E05D5/10; E05D5/14; E05D7/04; E05D15/26
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INNOPAT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CO., LTD. (6/F Nanping Group Building, Pinglan Road Nanpin, Zhuhai Guangdong 0, 519060, CN)
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