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WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/136784
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The invention relates to a line connector (1), in particular for a PA pipe according to DIN 74324-1, comprising a connection barb (2), which is connected at one end to a connector housing (4) and which can be inserted into the pipe by means of a free barb end (2a) and which has a barb profile on the outer circumference of the connection barb, said barb profile having a front insertion cone (10) at the end and several retaining teeth (6 / 6.1, 6.2, 6.3), which are distributed over the length of the connection barb and have sharp retaining edges (8). The connection barb (2) can additionally have a cylindrical sealing section (16) having a circumferential sealing surface (18) and an outside diameter (D3) adapted to the pipeline in such a way that the pipeline contacts the sealing surface (18) in a sealing manner by means of elastic expansion with radial preloading. In addition or alternatively, the retaining teeth (6) can be spaced from each other by means of the retaining edges thereof (8) at an axial distance (XA, XB), which is dimensioned in accordance with the associated pipeline in such a way that the distance (XA, XB) corresponds to at least 2/3 of the inside diameter of the pipe. Furthermore, the connection barb (2) can be designed in regard to the circular-ring-shaped cross-section thereof and the resistance torque (Wp) thereof resulting from said cross-section over the length thereof in such a way that increased bending impact strength is achieved. The front insertion cone (10) can have a surface (10a) that is rough in such a way that force-closed pre-fixing of the connection barb (2) in the opening area of the pipeline is achieved in the area of the insertion cone (10) when the insertion cone is inserted into the pipeline.

HAGEN, Harald (Wolfsiepen 10, Wipperfürth, 51688, DE)
HASBERG, Markus (Oberholl 2, Wipperfürth, 51688, DE)
SIEPER, Günter (Hindenburgstr. 89, Remscheid, 42853, DE)
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Publication Date:
October 17, 2013
Filing Date:
April 05, 2012
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VOSS AUTOMOTIVE GMBH (Leiersmühle 2-6, Wipperfürth, 51688, DE)
HAGEN, Harald (Wolfsiepen 10, Wipperfürth, 51688, DE)
HASBERG, Markus (Oberholl 2, Wipperfürth, 51688, DE)
SIEPER, Günter (Hindenburgstr. 89, Remscheid, 42853, DE)
International Classes:
F16L33/18; F16L33/22; F16L33/30; F16L47/08
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Other References:
ANONYMOUS: "Surface Finish Tolerances In Manfacturing", 23 April 2008 (2008-04-23), XP002710044, Retrieved from the Internet [retrieved on 20130806]
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ZAPF, Christoph (Dr. Solf & Zapf, Schloßbleiche 20, Wuppertal, 42103, DE)
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