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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/163446
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The objective of the present invention is to stabilize operating characteristics of a linear vibration motor by eliminating deviations in a position at which a spring end part is supported. A linear vibration motor 1 is provided with: a movable element 10 provided with a magnet 2 and a weight 3; a frame 4 which supports the movable element 10 with freedom to vibrate back and forth; a coil 5 which is secured to the frame 4 and which imparts a driving force to the magnet 2, causing the movable element 10 to vibrate; and a coil spring 6 provided between the frame 4 and the movable element 10. The movable element 10 and/or the frame 4 is provided with a supporting portion 20 which supports an end part 6A of the coil spring 6. The supporting portion 20 is provided with a tapered surface 21 inclined at a constant angle relative to a central axis 6P of the coil spring 6, and the end part 6A of the coil spring 6 is supported by coming into contact with the tapered surface 21.

KATADA Yoshinori (18-10 Shimura 2-chome, Itabashi-k, Tokyo 50, 〒1748550, JP)
ODAJIMA Shin (18-10 Shimura 2-chome, Itabashi-k, Tokyo 50, 〒1748550, JP)
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October 13, 2016
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April 07, 2016
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NIDEC COPAL CORPORATION (18-10, Shimura 2-chome Itabashi-k, Tokyo 50, 〒1748550, JP)
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H02K33/16; B06B1/04
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EICHI PATENT & TRADEMARK CORP. (45-13, Sengoku 4-chome Bunkyo-k, Tokyo 11, 〒1120011, JP)
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