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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/176380
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An intelligent burglar-proof door comprises a burglar-proof door (1). A lock (10) is disposed on the burglar-proof door (1). The burglar-proof door (1) is provided with a recessed-shape cavity (11) for mounting the lock (10). A recessed cavity (12) adjacent to the recessed-shape cavity (11) is dispsed in the burglar-proof door (1). The recessed cavity (12) is provided with a movable plate (120) used for closing or opening an end surface of one end in which a lockhole of the lock (10) is located. A separation plate (13) is disposed between the recessed-shape cavity (11) and the recessed cavity (12), and a through groove (130) allowing the movable plate (120) to pass through is formed in the separation plate (13). A radio frequency reader/writer (121), a driving motor (122), a triggering circuit, a reciprocating screw (123), a slide rail (124) and a power supply (125) for supplying power to the triggering circuit are disposed in the recessed cavity (12). The triggering circuit is used for receiving a signal of the radio frequency reader/writer (121) and controlling the movement of the driving motor (122). A slider (126) matching the slide rail (124) is disposed on the movable plate (120). The reciprocating screw (123) comprises a screw nut and a screw shaft. The screw shaft is fixedly connected to a movable end of the driving motor (122), and the side surface of the screw nut is fixedly connected to the movable plate (120). The reciprocating screw (123) also comprises a radio frequency tag matching the radio frequency reader/writer (121). The radio frequency tag is disposed on a handle of a key corresponding to the lock or is separately disposed as a radio frequency chip. The burglar-proof door has a simple structure and low costs.

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WU, Keyi (C 1/F, Block 2 Building 1, Tianjiao Shijia Garden,Jinhua Road, Bao'an Distric, Shenzhen Guangdong 0, 518000, CN)
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October 04, 2018
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March 31, 2017
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XIAN KE INTELLIGENT (SHENZHEN) TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD (WU Keyi, C 1/F, Block 2, Building 1, Tianjiao Shijia Garden,Jinhua Road, Bao'an Distric, Shenzhen Guangdong 0, 518000, CN)
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E05B17/18; E06B3/70; E06B5/11
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