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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/028202
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A chainsaw(1) h has a low profile chain cover(645) and a chain bar tightening clutch system(500). The chain bar tightening clutch system(500) can have a bar tightening knob(600) which drives a clutch. The clutch governs the amount of pressure applied to the chain bar(200) by operating the bar tightening knob(600). The chainsaw(1) can have a chain bar tensioning system(300) which can have a tensioning drive member in an offset position from the tensioning post. The tensioning post positions the tensioning post to achieve a chain tension and compact chainsaw design. The chainsaw(1) can also have an oil cap(710) with a lock channel having a detent with produces a sound when moved from a disengaged to an engage position with an oil reservoir.

MCROBERTS, Jason C. (623 Kenyon Drive, Red Lion, PA, 17356, US)
BASKAR, Ashok Samuel (510 W. Seminary Ave, Lutherville, MD, 21093, US)
MILLER, Mark D. (602 Fawn Grove Rd, Fawn Grove, PA, 17321, US)
WU, Lin (159-401 Donghu Dajun, Suzhou Industry ParkSuzhou, Jiangsu 8, 215028, CN)
LIU, Jianyi (Zone 1 Zhonghai International Community, Suzhou Industry ParkSuzhou, Jiangsu 6, 215126, CN)
BARNETT, Corey (3209 New Coach Lane, Bowie, MD, 20716, US)
WU, Chao (Kangrui garden, MuduSuzhou, Jiangsu 1, 215101, CN)
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February 23, 2017
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August 18, 2015
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BLACK & DECKER INC. (No.200 Su Hong Road, Export Processing Zone Suzhou Industrial Par, Suzhou Jiangsu 1, 215021, CN)
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LIU, SHEN & ASSOCIATES (10th Floor, Building 1 10 Caihefang Road,Haidian District, Beijing 0, 100080, CN)
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