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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/087932
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The present invention relates to macromolecular transition metal complexes, characterized by having the general formula (I), to the process for their preparation, and to bidentate and monodentate macroligands. The invention also refers to pharmaceutical compositions and medicaments containing said macromolecular transition metal complexes, and to the use of said pharmaceutical compositions, medicaments and macromolecular transition metal complexes for cancer therapy and/or cancer prevention, as antitumor agent in solid tumors, liquid tumors and/or metastases and/or as radiosensitizer agents.

ANSELMO VIEGAS GARCIA, Maria Helena (R. Prof. Luís Reis Santos, 5 2º D, 1600-640 Lisboa, PT)
MARQUES VALENTE, Andreia (Rua da Nestlé, n°79, 3860-071 Avanca, PT)
FERREIRA MORAIS, Tânia Sofia (Rua de Baixo 14, 2655-237 Ericeira, PT)
ANTUNES TOMAZ DINIZ, Ana Isabel (Av. D. António Correia da Sá, Nº 2-4º Dto, 2745-241 Queluz, PT)
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Publication Date:
August 18, 2016
Filing Date:
December 07, 2015
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FACULDADE DE CIÉNCIAS DA UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA (Campo Grande, Edifício C5, 1749-016 Lisboa, PT)
International Classes:
C07F9/50; A61K31/295; A61P35/00; C07D213/22; C07F15/00; C07F15/02; C08G63/08
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
GARCIA, Teresa (Soldados da India 72, 1400-340 Lisboa, PT)
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