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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/171317
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A hanger system (10) includes a rail (12,) a plurality of conveyor units (14) that can move longitudinally along the rail (12) and that each including a top attachment element (44), and a plurality of hanger units (16) that each including an article support formation (56) and a bottom attachment element (52). The top attachment elements (44) and the bottom attachment elements (52) can be attached to each other by magnetism, to form magnetic pairs with a magnet (44) in the conveyor unit (14) or in the hanger unit (16) – or both. The orientations of the magnets (44) can be changed, e.g. by rotation about an upright axis (48) between orientations in which the magnets (44) in adjacent magnetic pairs (44,52) attract each other magnetically, and orientations in which the magnets (44) in two adjacent magnetic pairs (44,52) repel each other magnetically.

SEGAL, Maurice (15 Shvil Hatsukim, Ein Karem, Jerusalem, 95744, IL)
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Publication Date:
October 17, 2019
Filing Date:
March 07, 2019
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SEGAL, Maurice (15 Shvil Hatsukim, Ein Karem, Jerusalem, 95744, IL)
BACON, Brian (Brian Bacon Inc, 2nd Floor Mariendahl Hous, Newlands on Main 7700 Newlands, 7700, ZA)
International Classes:
A47G29/00; A47H1/00; A47H13/00; A47H23/00; F21V21/08
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BRIAN BACON INC. (2nd Floor Mariendahl House, Newlands on Main, Main Road 7700 Newlands, 7700, ZA)
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