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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/002348
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The purpose of the present invention is to provide a magnetic recording medium with which the recording temperature can be reduced. The magnetic recording medium is characterized by comprising a substrate and a magnetic recording layer including a first magnetic layer and a second magnetic layer, the second magnetic layer containing a FePtRh ordered alloy, and the first magnetic layer having a room-temperature Ku greater than the room-temperature Ku of the second magnetic layer.

YOSHIZAWA, Tsuyoshi (1-1, Tanabeshinden, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-sh, Kanagawa 30, 〒2109530, JP)
KIKUCHI, Hiroto (1-1, Tanabeshinden, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-sh, Kanagawa 30, 〒2109530, JP)
SHIMATSU, Takehito (2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai-sh, Miyagi 77, 〒9808577, JP)
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Publication Date:
January 05, 2017
Filing Date:
June 24, 2016
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FUJI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (1-1 Tanabeshinden, Kawasaki-ku Kawasaki-sh, Kanagawa 30, 〒2109530, JP)
TOHOKU UNIVERSITY (2-1-1, Katahira Aoba-ku, Sendai-sh, Miyagi 77, 〒9808577, JP)
International Classes:
G11B5/66; G11B5/65
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
TANI & ABE, P.C. (6-20, Akasaka 2-chome Minato-k, Tokyo 52, 〒1070052, JP)
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