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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/130846
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[Problem] To suppress flow loss of a heat transfer medium due to an increase of the viscosity of the heat transfer medium on the low temperature extraction side even with a configuration in which multiple of magnetic material types are layered in a working chamber. [Solution] A magnetic refrigeration heat pump device, wherein a plurality of working chambers 2 that are disposed in an annular shape on the outer circumference side of a permanent magnet 3 capable of rotating about a central shaft and that accommodate magnetic material is arranged in parallel in the circumferential direction with the permanent magnet 3, and each of the working chambers 2 has multiple magnetic materials with different Curie points layered therein in the axial direction. When a heat transfer medium is pressure fed to the working chamber 2 with no permanent magnet 3 present, at least one of the cross section of the working chamber 2 and the density of the magnetic material is regulated in the axial direction so that the pressure loss of the section housing magnetic material with a lower Curie point is less than the pressure loss of the section housing magnetic material with a higher Curie point.

YOKOTA Yoshihito (20 Kotobuki-ch, Isesaki-shi Gunma 02, 〒3728502, JP)
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July 04, 2019
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November 08, 2018
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SANDEN HOLDINGS CORPORATION (20 Kotobuki-cho, Isesaki-shi Gunma, 02, 〒3728502, JP)
International Classes:
F25B21/00; H01F1/01
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