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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/165107
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The present invention relates to compounds useful for the treatment or prevention of bacteria infections. These compounds have formula (I) The invention also provides processes for making the compounds described herein. Furthermore, the present invention provides a composition comprising the compounds described herein, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, adjuvant, or vehicle. The present invention also provides methods of treating or preventing bacteria infection in a subject, comprising administering to the subject an effective amount of the compound or the composition described herein.

DIETRICH, Evelyne (17 Rue D'orly, Laval Quebec, H2M 1B5, 1B5, CA)
POISSON, Carl (1170 De Louvain East Street, Montreal Quebec, H2M 1B5, 1B5, CA)
GALLANT, Michel (18533 Lagrange Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds Quebec, H9K 1R4, 1R4, CA)
LESSARD, Stephanie (190 Lesieur Apt. 204, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Quebec, J3A 1P3, 1P3, CA)
LIU, Bingcan (204 St. Aubin Street, Montreal Quebec, H4M 2H9, 2H9, CA)
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MARTEL, Julien (10129 Lajeunesse Street, #3Montrea, Quebec H2E 2G6, 2G6, CA)
VALLEE, Frederic (7272 Papineau, Montreal Quevec, H2E 2GE, 2GE, CA)
LEVESQUE, Jean-francois (2745 Place Dollard, Laval Quebec, H7E 3T8, 3T8, CA)
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Publication Date:
February 26, 2015
Filing Date:
March 12, 2014
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VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INCORPORATED (50 Northern Avenue, 15th FloorBoston, MA, 02210, US)
International Classes:
C07H15/18; A61K31/7034; C07D493/10; C07H15/20; C07H15/207; C07H15/22; C07H15/26
Domestic Patent References:
Other References:
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
CHE, Jennifer G. (Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, 50 Northern Avenue 15th Floo, Boston MA, 02210, US)
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