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WIPO Patent Application WO/2010/053211
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Month sheets, a triangle cardboard base, and a binding member of a conventional ring-bound desk calendar are integrally bound and manufactured.  Every year such calendars are wastefully discarded separately or as a whole, and this discard is not friendly to the environment.  Moreover, the calendars have a disadvantage that the leaves are not replaceable, their manufacturing cost at small lot production is high, and all defective calendars due to misbinding have to be discarded. A novel desk calendar base is manufactured by means of fabricating three members, i.e., a set of calendar leaves having binding holes, a three-dimensional trapezoidal leaf base serving as a support, and a ring open/closure mechanism serving as a metal leaf hanger, and joining and fixing the open/closure mechanism to the top surface of the base using a screw.  To bind the calendar leaves, the user opens and closes the rings with the open/closure mechanism at the top surface of the leaf base and binds the leaves by passing the rings through the holes of the calendar leaves. In other words, the open/closure mechanism (hang binder) of the novel binder having a hanger portion is made, and a novel file hanger is manufactured by attaching the hang binder to the top surface of the trapezoidal base.  As a result, the calendar can be regenerated every year by providing only replaceable calendar leaves to the durable base.

LEE, Boksil (3-13 Takiimotocho 3-chome, Moriguchi-shi Osaka 65, 〒5700065, JP)
李 福実 (〒65 大阪府守口市滝井元町3丁目3番13号 有限会社 マイアド内 Osaka, 〒5700065, JP)
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Publication Date:
May 14, 2010
Filing Date:
November 06, 2009
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CALENDAR KOKOKU CO., LTD. (21-20, Higasinodacho 1-chome,Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 24, 〒5340024, JP)
株式会社 カレンダー広告 (〒24 大阪府大阪市都島区東野田町1丁目21番20号 Osaka, 〒5340024, JP)
YUGENKAISHA MAIADO (3-13, Takiimotocho 3-chom, Moriguchi-shi Osaka 65, 〒5700065, JP)
有限会社 マイアド (〒65 大阪府守口市滝井元町3丁目3番13号 Osaka, 〒5700065, JP)
International Classes:
B42D5/04; B42F13/20
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LEE, Boksil (3-13, Takiimotocho 3-chom, Moriguchi-shi Osaka 65, 〒5700065, JP)
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