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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/025056
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A martial art concept playpen arrangement provided with walking surface (2) having material quality being suitable for the children, and with padded columns (3) making up its frame and providing its stability. The net (4) and/or padded stretching rope (7;8) are located between the columns which serve safety and stability purposes, as well. The external look of the playpen is designed based on the form of the usual playing field or ring used in the martial arts.

SZABÓ, Péter (Viola utca 50, 2022 Tahitófalu, HU)
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February 08, 2018
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September 14, 2016
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SZABÓ, Péter (Viola utca 50, 2022 Tahitófalu, HU)
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A63C19/00; A47D13/06
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THE OCTAGON (TM) - GET INSIDE (ANONYMOUS, 7 December 2015 (2015-12-07), XP055234271, Retrieved from the Internet
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BERÉNYI, Krisztina (Hegyalja út.26.2 em.6, 1016 Budapest, HU)
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1. Playpen arrangement with martial arts concept having a foot (1) on which surface (2) having material quality being suitable for the children is located, and padded columns (3) and holding culomns (6) ensure the stability of the structure, and is provided with net (4) or padded ropes (8) stretched by stretching rope (7) in order to prevent children from falling out of the playpen, characterized by the fact that the external look of the playpen is designed based on the usual look of the playing field or ring.

2. Playpen arrangement with martial arts concept according to Point 1 of the claim characterized by the fact thatthe external look of the playpen was designed based on the playing field used at MMA cage fighting in a way to satisfy the safety requirements determined from the aspect of the children's integrity.

3. Playpen arrangement with martial arts concept according to Point 1 of the claim characterized by the fact thatthe external look of the playpen is designed based on the usual form of box ringin a way to satisfy the safety requirements determined from the aspect of the children's integrity.

Martial Art Concept Playpen Arrangement

The sample of use is a such playpen arrangement, which is developed based on the playing field used in martial arts. Taking in consideration the safety aspects being usual at playpens such a form can be developed, which is similar to the shape of the ring of cage fighting or box.

During the development of children, comes a moment when it is recommended to place the child in a playpen in the interest of his/her safety. For the flats having smaller footing area, the foldable playpens with net are recommended. In case more space is available, you can choose a larger, fix playpen, as well. The development of the babies is a relatively quick, traceable, natural process. A healthy infant does not require development, that is the role of the playpen is not to make the infant to learn walking earlier. In most of the case the infant's life space can be determined by it, making easier for the mothers to perform the day-to-day activities. Namely, when the baby starts walking, the parents must pay attention and follow up his/her movement, and the safest environment must be created. That means that sooner or later it becomes necessary to put in the playpen the infant, in the interest of his/her own safety. Practically, the playpen is a bed surrounded by grid or net, in which the infant is under safe conditions, and can practice standing, holding on and walking without assistance. This practical tool assists primarily to the occupied parents taking care of the children alone. Naturally, it is also not a good solution, if the infant is in the playpen all the time, as he/she has also a movement demand and wants to discover the world. For this reason, it is very important that the infant should not spend all his/her time in the playpen. There are several examples of playpens having different type and form, one of which is represented by the Australian patent no. AU2008101208A4and having title "BABY PLAYPEN WHOSE ENCLOSURE CLOTH WILL NOT BE RUBBED OR WORN BY THE POSTS". The characteristic of the playpen described in the patent is that the net is attached to the holding grid by an easily removable connector. The connector has such a design and material quality, that during the connection the material is able to not permanent deformation, and in this way, it is easy to establish such a connection, which provides durable connection. In the connector you can find a hollow being similar to a slot, on the surface of which the material turned over it swivels when the junction goes into its place and then returns to its original form. The arrangement represented in the patent is not different from the conventional playpen arrangements, as it has the form of a rectangular prism. The next American patent registered under no. US4491992Aand having title "CONVERTIBLE BABY CRIB AND PLAYPEN" describes such a solution, in which the elements of the playpen's grid are dismountable, furthermore, can be installed in several forms. The grid has a structure like a graph, it includes edges and points. The edges represent the elements of the grid frame, while the points mean the joint elements. The joint elements are designed so, that any of the grid elements having different length could fit to the joint points. In this way, a playpen frame of any size can be constructed. The joints has several arrangements, as at the certain points of the grid different connection requirements occur. According to that, the patent makes difference between the corner piece and the pieces connectable straight. Another American patent no.US5911653Aand titled 'FOLD ABLE- PLAYPEN" represents such an arrangement where the frame of the playpen is foldable.The frame is weakened at certain points and is provided with hinges, and in this way, the elements are able to rotate around a determined shaft. At the lower part of the frame, there is a footing unit, which collects the frame elements of the frame going to different directions in one point. These connections are provided with hinge, so it is a movable element. In this way, the frame can be folded in a small, easy to handle form. A further part of the arrangement is the net, which can be easily fitted on the opened out frame. In case it is needed to have the frame in a closed position, the net can be easily removed and can be also folded to a small size. That means, the storage of the complete playpen does not require a large area. A further American Patent registered under no. US9289077Bland having title "BABY WALKER SYSTEMS" represents a favorable arrangement of another type of playpens. By its appearance the playpen is similar to the form of a conventional scooter, with the difference that this one rolls on three wheels. Similarly to the scooter, the infant can hold on the upper horizontal element of the T-shape frame. The playpen is not steerable, but its wheels roll freely in any direction thus making possible to walk into a wished direction. The American patent no.US2016016601Aland having title "CONVERTIBLE BABY STROLLER ASSEMBLY" describes the realization of a completely different concept. According to this concept, the playpen can be modified or can be fitted into such an arrangement, which is suitable for moving the playpen. In this way, the arrangement represented in the patent is similar to a conventional baby carriage. The casing of the playpen is constructed in the place of the baby carriage basket. The playpen located here, can be covered by a blanket made for this purpose, and protecting the infant lying in the baby carriage against rain, sunshine. A The baby carriage has four wheels, from which the two front wheels can rotate in any direction, and additionally the frame of the baby carriage and the horizontal cross element assisting in pushing it are the part of the arrangement.

The objective is to create such a playpen, which takes on the form of the playing field of martial arts, like cage fighting or box in addition to complying with the safety requirements intended to preserve the infants' safety.

The invention is based on the recognition that there are similar features between the forms of the playpens designed for children and the playfields of certain martial arts. Furthermore, by our days the martial arts have a large number of fans, so the playpens designed according to the form of these playing fields may achieve high popularity.

It means that the invention is playpens made to the form of the rings and playing fields seen in the martial arts, with a sizing being suitable for the children and also meeting the safety expectations prescribed in the interest of the children's safety, the playpen can be prepared wither for a boy or a girl, as by coloring the different structural elements it can be made attractive for any sex the arrangement represented in the sample of use. The playpens have the usual parts. The surface being soft enough where the infants most of their time, is ensured. Characteristically, the support structure elements are padded in order to avoid injury of the infants due to the hard, sometimes sharp parts. An important element of the arrangement is the rope or net preventing the infant being in the playpen to fall out.

In one of the favorable arrangement of the sample of use, the playpen is similar to the playing field used during the MMA cage fighting. From upper view the ring has an octagonal form and is provided by 8 sides with net. The nets are held by padded columns and also the frame structure is padded.

In another arrangement of the sample of use, the form of the playpen is similar to the form of ring used in box. In this way, the side of the playpen similarly to the box ring is made up of ropes, which are spanned and the floor and supports are padded.

The sample of use is represented in details with the help of the following figures:

Figure 1 : Spatial view of the playpen following the form of a cage fighting ring,

Figure 2: Spatial view of the playpen following the form of a box ring

On Figure one you can see such an arrangement of the playpen, where its form is similar to that of the rings used during MMA cage fighting. The walking surface (2) is located on the foot (1) of the ring, the quality of the surface is optimized to the children and has the safest and most convenient material characteristics. The padded columns (3) prepared according to the cage pattern are connected to the walking surface (2) and also have the function to hold the net (4). The net (4) is located between the padded columns (3), the walking surface (2) and the padded frame and its purpose is to protect the children against falling out. The frame (5) provides the safety and stability of the complete structure, and in the interest of the children, it is also padded.

On Figure 2 the playpen can be seen in another arrangement having form of a box ring. The walking surface (2) similar characteristics as in the previous case, that is it is soft, convenient. The essential difference is that in this case that it is stretched not by net (4)m but by stretching ropes (7), padded ropes (8) prevent the falling out of the children from the playpen. The stability of the playpen structure is ensured by the holding columns (6) and the stretching ropes (7) are also fixed to this element. The padded corner elements (9) contribute to maintaining the authenticity of the box ring, where the corners during box provide the place for the boxer for sitting down and having a rest in the b rakes between the game rounds. In our case they do not have any function, and are present just for the sake of the realistic appearance.

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1 - Foot

2 - Walking surface

3 - Padded columns

4 - Net

5 - Padded frame

6 - Holding columns

7 - Stretching rope

8 - Padded rope

9 - Padded corner elements