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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/183086
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An image formation optical system (15) having a small focal distance and an aperture member (14) having an opening having a predetermined shape are disposed in a predetermined position between a laser irradiation part (13) and a sample (100), and a substantially square-shaped laser light irradiation region is formed by forming a reduced image of the opening shape on the sample (100). A configuration is adopted whereby the aperture member (14) and the image formation optical system (15) can each be moved in the optical axis direction, and the size of the substantially square-shaped laser light irradiation region on the sample (100) is variable. The size of the laser light irradiation region is matched to the size of a unit region of interest in an analysis object region on the sample (100), and a step width of scanning for moving the laser light irradiation position is also matched to the size of the unit region of interest, whereby the sample (100) can be evenly scanned and mass spectrometry data can be collected without overlapping of laser irradiation sites. The sample can thereby be effectively utilized, mass detection omission is eliminated, and the uniformity of signal strength of a uniformly distributed mass is also increased.

HARADA, Takahiro (1 Nishinokyo-Kuwabara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-sh, Kyoto 11, 〒6048511, JP)
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Publication Date:
October 26, 2017
Filing Date:
April 18, 2016
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SHIMADZU CORPORATION (1 Nishinokyo-Kuwabara-cho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-sh, Kyoto 11, 〒6048511, JP)
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G01N27/62; H01J49/10
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Other References:
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KYOTO INTERNATIONAL PATENT LAW OFFICE (Hougen-Sizyokarasuma Building, 37 Motoakuozi-tyo, Higasinotouin Sizyo-sagaru, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto-s, Kyoto 91, 〒6008091, JP)
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