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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/202233
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A metal surface mechanically-assisted electrothermal alloying preparation method, comprising the following steps: step I. pretreating a metal workpiece matrix to be alloyed; step II. preparing an electrothermal alloying electrode; step III. assembling an electrothermal alloying device; step IV. electrothermal alloying preparation; and step V. grinding and polishing the alloyed metal workpiece matrix. The prepared alloyed layer is compact and uniform, no brittle ceramic, nitride and oxide substances are formed, the alloyed layer is in metallurgical bond with the matrix without any obvious interface, and the quality of a strengthened layer is high; the alloying element selection range is wide, and the preparation method has no special requirements for the shape and precision of the workpiece and has a strong applicability; moreover, the operation is simple and easy to implement, the processing efficiency is high, and the method can be used for the surface strengthening treatment of large area, complex workpieces; and the equipment is simple, one-time investment is low, the maintenance cost is low, and the processing cost is low.

HUANG, Changde (8 Central Chengzhong Road, Choucheng StreetYiwu, Zhejiang 0, 322000, CN)
ZHAO, Hui (Room 2, Unit 7 Building No. 1, 80-19 Wenhua Road, Shenhe Distric, Shenyang Liaoning 6, 110016, CN)
CHEN, Lijia (Room 1, Unit 1 Building No. 3, 18 Central Shenliao Road, Tiexi Distric, Shenyang Liaoning 3, 110023, CN)
YUAN, Xiaoguang (Room 1, Unit 3 Building No. 2, 44-1 Central Nanshi Road, Tiexi Distric, Shenyang Liaoning 3, 110023, CN)
LI, Runxia (Room 7, Unit 6 Building No. 1, 192-2 Qixian South Road, Tiexi Distric, Shenyang Liaoning 3, 110023, CN)
WANG, Xiaohui (Room 1, Unit 7 Building No. 3, 4-3 Wuai Street, Shenhe Distric, Shenyang Liaoning 6, 110016, CN)
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November 30, 2017
Filing Date:
May 17, 2017
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SHANGHAI BOYOU METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (1st Floor, 77 Sanquan Road Zhabei District, Shanghai 3, 200443, CN)
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C23C26/02; B24B1/04
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BEIJING JWT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CO., LTD. (Xu Tianyi, Suite 801 Tower 2, SoBoss Center,No. 16, South Sanhuan West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing 8, 100068, CN)
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