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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/158097
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Aspects of the disclosure can provide an apparatus and method for communicating with core network of a fifth generation system. The method includes transmitting, by a processing circuitry of a user equipment, a non-access stratum transport message to the core network to initiate a non-access stratum transport procedure with the core network, and receiving an indication message from the core network when a network function of the core network is unable to process the non-access stratum transport message, wherein the indication message includes at least one of a payload type, a cause value, and timer information. When the payload type of the indication message is a fifth generation system session management message, a short message service message or a long term evolution positioning protocol message, the processing circuitry of the user equipment performs at least one of: re-initiating a non-access stratum transport procedure based on timer information, aborting the non-access stratum transport procedure, and releasing a protocol data unit session.

HUANG-FU, Chien-Chun (No. 1, Dusing Rd. 1st Science-Based Industrial Par, Hsin-Chu Taiwan 300, 300, CN)
NIEMI, Marko (Elektroniikkatie 16, Oulu, Oulu, FI)
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August 22, 2019
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February 14, 2019
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MEDIATEK INC. (No. 1, Dusing Rd. 1st Science-Based Industrial Par, Hsin-Chu Taiwan 300, 300, CN)
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BEIJING SANYOU INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY LTD. (16th Fl, Block A Corporate Square, No. 35 Jinrong Street, Beijing 3, 100033, CN)
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