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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/067316
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The patent primarily relates to a Magnetic energy Power System (MEPS) which uses magnetic potential to power electrical loads and to replenish the electrical source. The Thermionic negative magnetic potential with reversed magnetic and electrical field is generated by using Thermionic vacuum devices. The patent discloses a method to power electrical loads using alternating Positive and Thermionic Negative magnetic pulses which recovers the discharged magnetic potential to produce additional magnetic potential to recondition the source.

VILLALOBOS, Vic (428 Childers PMB 23388, P.O. Box 2428Pensacola, FL, 32513, US)
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April 04, 2019
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September 21, 2018
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VILLALOBOS, Vic (428 Childers PMB 23388, P.O. Box 2428Pensacola, FL, 32513, US)
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H01J45/00; H01L35/02; H02N3/00
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CONSOLI, M. ET AL.: "From classical to modern ether-drift experiments: the narrow window for a preferred frame", ARXIV:PHYSICS/0410245V1 [PHYSICS.CLASS-PH, 25 October 2004 (2004-10-25), XP080171626
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What is claimed is:

(1) The method of powering electrical loads by using Positive magnetic potential

complemented with Thermionic Negative magnetic potential generated by Thermionic vacuum devices which invokes a "positive ground datum effect" which promotes electron production and electron acceleration in an electrical circuit thus generating Thermionic magnetic potential currents with reversed electrical and magnetic fields which can be used to power electrical loads as well as refurnish the source as magnetic recovery fuel.

(2) A Magnetic energy Power System (MEPS) that powers electrical loads which utilizes positive and negative magnetic pulses comprising of:

(a) At least one electrical voltage supply (AC/DC power supply),

(b) At least one Magnetic potential converter mixer which uses inductors to combine and to recover the magnetic energy pulses.

(c) At least one Positive magnetic potential module which oscillates the magnetic potential at high frequency which increases the kinetic energy of the circuit by increasing the reactance of the circuit,

(d) A transformer interface module arrangement, which drive the electrical load, made of at least two transformers devices which act both as an isolator and a magnifier of the magnetic energy while collecting the negative potential produced by the electrical load,

(e) At least one Negative magnetic potential module which oscillates the collected magnetic potential to increase the kinetic energy of the circuit which increases the reactance of the circuit,

(f) A Thermionic Negative magnetic potential source made of a Pulse forming

network(PFN) made from at least one inductor and one capacitor and at least one thermionic vacuum device which converts the negative magnetic energy to Thermionic negative magnetic energy which reverses the current direction, and which can be used both to recharge the source and re-power the circuit,

(f) An electrical load driven by the Positive magnetic source which reverses the polarity of the electrical field and at least one Thermionic vacuum device which reverses the direction of the Magnetic field producing Negative magnetic potential which can be used to re-power the circuit as well as to recondition the electrical source.

(3) The method of powering electrical loads by utilizing Positive and Negative magnetic potential and recovering the negative magnetic energy discharge pulses discharged by the electrical load and converted by using the Thermionic vacuum devices to generate

Thermionic Negative potential which exhibits negative magnetic potential with reversed magnetic and electric fields which can be used to re-charge the electrical source.

(4) A system is claimed in claim 2 which utilizes magnetic pulses after powering the electrical loads and which uses its own generated Thermionic Negative magnetic potential to re-power the circuit and to replenish its own DC sources.

(5) A system is claimed in claim 2 which powers the load by mixing alternating positive and negative thermionic magnetic pulses and by recovering and converting the discharged magnetic potential using Thermionic vacuum devices to a thermionic negative electron stream.

(6) A system is claimed in claim 2 wherein the magnetic energy drives the electrical load by doing positive work which converts to unipolar negative magnetic potential with a reversed electrical field which is collected and converted to Thermionic Negative magnetic potential.

(7) A system is claimed in claim 2 wherein the output of the magnetic current generated by the system is a function of the size of the electrical source(s), the level of magnetic

amplification and the number of Thermionic vacuum devices by increasing the effective cathode area (in parallel) which controls the production of electrons magnetic current required to support the electrical source.

(8) Deleted

(9) Deleted

(10) A method is claimed in claim 3 for providing power to at least one electrical load comprising of the steps of:

-providing a voltage source to the circuit,

-providing an electrical source of its own to energize the heater filament(s) of the Thermionic vacuum device(s),

-providing a variable high frequency oscillating system to produce a high frequency pulsing process,

-providing at least one positive magnetic module which powers the electrical load doing positive work using positive magnetic potential which converts to negative magnetic potential,

-providing a transformer module which connects to the electrical load via an electromagnetic AC,

-providing a transformer module which collects electromagnetically the used AC magnetic potential as negative magnetic potential,

-providing a circuit to convert the collected AC negative magnetic potential with reversed electrical field to Thermionic negative magnetic energy in the form of negative potential stream of electrons with a reversed magnetic current and reversed electrical field,

-providing a circuit to alternate at high frequency the magnetic energy pulses by pulsing Positive magnetic pulses obtained from the electrical source with Negative magnetic pulses.

- Providing a circuit to receive the alternating positive and magnetic pulses which recovers the magnetic potential to re-power and re-furnish its electrical source.

- Providing a circuit to repeat the process while accelerating proton particles thru the load to produce electromagnetic potential.


(12) A system is claimed in claim 1 which powers the electrical load using magnetic potential pulses which produces negative magnetic potential with a reversed electrical field which is recovered via electrical transformers and it is converted to usable Thermionic magnetic potential reversed electric field and magnetic field via Thermionic devices which can be used to recondition its source and re-power the circuit. (13) A system is claimed in claim 3 which generates DC Thermionic magnetic potential from electrical DC potential using Thermionic vacuum devices as magnetic potential with reversed electric and magnetic fields.

(14) A system is claimed in claim 3 which generates AC Thermionic potential from electrical AC potential which recovers its potential using Thermionic vacuum devices.

(15) The method used in claim 1 which powers the Thermionic vacuum devices using its own potential.

(16) The method of recovering the potential using Thermionic vacuum devices in claim 1 which recovers and reconditions the used potential as Negative magnetic potential to maintain the charge of the electrical source as well as re-power its own circuit.

(17) The method of producing Thermionic negative magnetic potential with reversed electrical and magnetic fields of claim 1 by exposing negative magnetic potential to thermionic currents using Thermionic vacuum devices.



USPTO Provisional Patent Serial. No.62/604,307 filed on June 30 TH > 2017.




The patent relates to a novice Magnetic energy Power System (MEPS) which uses magnetic potential generated by inductors and DC sources and Thermionic magnetic energy generated by Vacuum thermionic emission devices to power electrical circuits and replenish its own source.

The new method uses Thermionic vacuum devices powered by magnetic potential means which produce electron currents extracted as unipolar negative magnetic energy (Space charge) with reversed electric and magnetic fields.

The patent discloses the technology to power electrical loads with magnetic energy supplied by Thermionic vacuum devises supplementing Positive magnetic pulse generated from the electrical potential source(s).

Presently our circuits sacrifice the electrical potential produced by the DC electrical source to supply the electrical and magnetic potential to power the electrical loads, the new method uses alternating Positive magnetic and Thermionic negative magnetic potential pulses provided by the Thermionic vacuum devices to power the loads.

Using the methods of the new MEPS technology, as disclosed by the patent, Thermionic vacuum devices become generators of Thermionic negative magnetic energy to the electric circuit which by default disables the electrical source discharge mechanism. As disclosed by the patent, the powering of the electrical load(s) is delegated to positive-Thermionic negative magnetic energy pulses as complementary method where the positive energy pulses generated by positive magnetic generator circuits are complemented by the negative magnetic energy pulses generated by Thermionic vacuum devices thus allowing a more efficient energy utilization method which does not discharge the source and were potential can be recovered in the form of Negative potential.

Thermionic vacuum devices were extensively used in the first half of the past century (1900') primarily for signal and sound amplification. And after 1950 essentially, the use of Thermionic vacuum devices (as vacuum tubes) dwindled in use and have been classified to a category of unwanted almost obsolete bulky devices.

Basically Thermionic vacuum devices were declared obsolete devices and were thrown to the side as a dying technology primarily after the advent of the new "solid state and microprocessor technology" of our century.

Today very few vacuum tube devices are being produced and the market has turned its attention to the production of sophisticated high frequency high power Thyratrons Thermionic vacuum devices used primarily for particle research purposes. Today Thyratrons have evolved to sophisticated high frequency pulsed metal-arc Thermionic vacuum devices which still use the same heater filaments with specialized controlling grids.

It is well known that Thermionic vacuum devices in general produce high intensity electron reversed currents as a natural built-in property, but Thermionic vacuum devices have not received proper recognition as Thermionic negative magnetic energy sources which can be used to power electrical systems. This property was not recognized or known or stated before.

It is the opinion of the inventor that the utilization of Thermionic vacuum devices together with magnetic sources represents the greatest promise as the most optimum and cleanest energy source available to mankind now and in the future as human knowledge and development of energy solutions will continue to unfold forward. Whether Thermionic devices are cold or heated filament devices, Thermionic vacuum devices allow the transfer of energy in a vacuum which produces reversed usable currents charged with negative energy. This type of raw EMF has been labeled today as: "space charge" by the Academia with little explanation about its origin, its actual source, and its physics. Space charge is latent Aether which has always being in the act'

As part of the discovery of this patent, whether we call it EMF or Aether or space charge, the fact remains that a "vacuum chamber" acts as an energy antenna that attracts electromagnetic Aether energy in the form of raw EMF energy from the vacuum which can be aggregated thus becoming a continuous usable source of magnetic energy.

This effect is not so apparent in vacuum tubes because they produce (milliamp output currents) but it becomes very evident when using large Thyratrons and Ignitrons devices which can generate thousands of amps.

It is not unusual for a Thyratrons device to sustain an amplification of currents of ten or twenty-fold, or more, while converting positive magnetic potential to usable negative magnetic potential.

Given the fact that the Magnetic energy of Thermionic vacuum devices can act as a negative energy sources, and the fact that electrical work done with negative potential converts to positive energy and because magnetic energy is totally reusable, its application allows for the electrical circuit allows to be powered with Negative magnetic energy without breaking the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

As per this patent discovery, Thermionic vacuum devices are used as current generators which convert magnetic potential into Negative magnetic energy. As for instance, Thyratrons used in pairs with AC circuits will produce more "amps" output than inputted thus experiencing a significant current gain, similarly, Ignitrons pairs driven by Thyratrons will produce extremely large magnetic currents, enough to drive an automobile or trucks or a train. Indeed, many applications can benefit from these principles and very specifically for the purposes of energy transmission in the "electrical grid" which could bring about "magical results". The idea of using Thermionic vacuum devices as supplemental magnetic sources for electrical energy transmission is very real and can relieve and strengthen the output of the electrical grid without much investment.

Proper application of the electrical circuits presented in this patent using large Thermionic vacuum devices such as high current Thyratrons or Ignitrons switched by Thyratrons can sustain production of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of kilo-amps. Particularly important is that the application of the principles discovered by this patent are totally scalable and can be totally distributed.

As it will showed, every Thermionic vacuum device of generous size has the capabilities for large aggregation of magnetic potential which can be used as a high magnetic current content fuel source (Thermionic negative energy source).

This is the principal discovery of the patent and it invokes an inertial acceleration of electrons which produces high usable magnetic currents which complements the common electrical sources.

Because the Thermionic devices have not been recognized as magnetic potential sources, this method has remained in the wings waiting for its discovery. The Thermionic electromagnetic effect converts the potential of electrical charged particles into excess usable negative magnetic potential, this is the main discovery and application and main theme of this patent.

This patent provides the methods and devices which generates the magnetic energy and utilize this natural negative magnetic potential to do useful work in electrical loads for mankind without the sacrificing the electrical potential or producing pollution. GENERAL BACKGROUND

"Human development has always conquered new heights when the minds have focused on the correct reality". Not different in this case, part of our energy problem today relates to the misunderstanding of our present electrical energy utilization methods.

For the last two hundred years, our scientific community and academia have blindly concluded without questions that "electrical consumption" can only occurs as a "one unit of electrical energy for one unit of electrical work transaction", but curiously, the fact remains that only Magnetic energy can perform electrical work, so something is amiss, why do energy sources such as batteries discharge.

This patent proves beyond any doubt that this is occurring because we are not using electrical energy correctly. We need to revise our thinking; the correct statement is "one unit of magnetic energy (instead of electrical energy) for one unit of electrical work".

We all know, clearly as a minimum, electrical circuits require both electrical potential and magnetic potential to drive the electrical loads. But generically we need to question whether "magnetic currents" are really supplied by the Electrical source? Or is current supplied and created by the Universe as a countermeasure because it does not like charged particles in motion.

Enter the novice idea of powering electrical loads using magnetic energy using jnductors and Thermionic vacuum sources to power our electrical circuits and using magnetic potential exclusively, where the electrical potential is provided by electrical sources as "electrical potential alone" and where specialized Thermionic vacuum sources provide the magnetic currents and we suddenly have in view a totally more practical method to utilize the electrical energy.

Combining negative Magnetic energy and positive magnetic potential from electrical sources is not only practical, but also very efficient and beneficial, and very doable to the point that it appears and feels totally natural as the most efficient natural way to power electrical loads utilized by mankind.

The inventor has proven beyond a doubt (thru many prototypes) in his possession, that the best electromagnetic fuel is made of Thermionic magnetic energy pulses which constitutes negative energy pulses, magnetic fuel without using any potential from the source.

The following benefits and features are obtained and appear automatically when a Thermionic vacuum device magnetic source receives potential with an electrical source:

(a) The circuit automatically switches from being "negative grounded" to "positive anode grounded".

(b) The circuit changes from bipolar to "unipolar".

(c) In a Thermionic vacuum device, the magnetic current reverses and flows from a "low potential" to "high potential" thus generating negative energy.

(d) The "electrical field" becomes stationary while the "magnetic field charge" becomes dynamic and thus the negative magnetic field does the electrical work.

(e) All work is done by the "magnetic field charge" thus the electrical field charge of the circuit does not discharge.

(f) Electrical field charge consumption of the source is virtually eliminated when powering inductor devices, thus maintaining the charge of the source.

(g) The magnetic field of the circuit is reversed, and a Thermionic magnetic current is produced by the Thermionic vacuum device which maintains contact with the Aether which continually refills the vacuum container.

(h) Thermionic negative magnetic currents work in conjunction with Positive magnetic potential in the form of alternating pulses to produce a thermionic-electrical series pulses which promote its own potential.

This patent has shown that it Is very practical to have electric sources complemented with separate Thermionic sources which provide inexhaustible magnetic energy to the circuit.

In view of the discovery of this patent, it is very possible that our present utilization practices used today are inefficient and blindly defective and possibly very obsolete. This patent clearly demonstrates, in fact that, it is possible to utilize the "electrical energy' for starting the process but the "actual work" is done with "magnetic energy" obtained from the Aether using Thermionic vacuum devices.

The character and substance of obtaining electron magnetic potential energy from

Thermionic vacuum devices offers new horizons and opportunities for the generation and transfers of electrical energy and allows a new separate set of wave mechanics and physics precepts where the voltage and the current potential are not rigidly bound to each other like in Ohm's conductive Law.

Based on the facts presented by this patent, the past practice of using electrical sources to generate resistive currents has a destructive side to it which produces inefficient heat which it could almost be read as a "red flag" from the universe trying to say that something is amiss.

This patent presents the discovery of a series of new ways to look at electrical

consumption and describes the actual mechanisms of how electrical consumption occurs presently by promoting novice cold efficient ways to produce and recover potential

The patent discloses electron potential produced using Thermionic vacuum devices as a new potential source.


According to the attached embodiment of this patent, it is possible to obtain negative magnetic energy (magnetic currents) as a fuel from Thermionic vacuum devices to supplement the positive magnetic potential generated from electrical sources and thus power our loads.

Thermionic vacuum devices can provide magnetic currents obtained from Nature as a free electron stream source which supplements positive magnetic circuits without violating the Second law of Thermodynamics.

The patent shows that electron potential can be generated by Thermionic vacuum devices thru the continuous acceleration of electrons towards a positive potential position which produces strong negative reversed currents and secondly, the patent also shows that magnetic currents can be produced using inductors while doing positive work while the electrical potential of the source is not consumed.

(a) According to this patent, every hermetic container containing a vacuum is potentially a source of usable Aether magnetic energy.

(b) According to this patent, every hermetic container holding a vacuum is continually supplied with inactivated Aether EMF.

(c) According to the patent, every container holding a vacuum is in communication with the Aether of the Universe.

(d) According to the patent, every container holding a vacuum is a potential energy

source which is continually filled with Aether energy from the Universe'

(e) According to this patent, an electrical circuit in general operates more efficiently by using several electrical and magnetic energy sources in series.

(f) According to the patent, "electrical consumption" of DC sources can be defused by supplementing the electrical circuit with negative magnetic energy obtained from Thermionic vacuum devices.

(g) According to the patent, every Thermionic vacuum device is a latent magnetic energy source which obtains EMF energy from the Aether.

(h) According to this patent, enormous amounts of free magnetic energy can be

recovered by Thermionic vacuum devices such as Thyratrons, Ignitrons including Magnetrons, Xenon and Nixie tubes and other vacuum thermionic diode devices such as Gigatrons.

(i) According to this patent, unipolar negative potential can be produced by using

Thermionic vacuum devices thru the acceleration of electrons towards a more positive potential position.

(j) According to this patent, the produced negative potential when mixed with positive magnetic potential can be used to do useful work including the recharging of the DC source itself. (k) According to the patent, negative energy pulses produces negative work while simultaneously promote the generation of excess electrical potential.

(I) According to the patent, electrical circuits operate optimally in a natural mode with both electrical and magnetic sources in series.

{m) According to this patent, electrical circuits mixing Unipolar potential and bipolar

potential preserves the Second Law of Thermodynamics and allow the electrical and current potential to supplement each other while both sources operate independent of each other.

(n) According to this patent, the potential gained can be used without harmful pollution, it is scalable in an aggregate manner harnessing to do useful work for mankind.


With little or no prior recognition, the vacuum developed in the chamber of a Thermionic vacuum device is the key element of the process of obtaining Magnetic EMF energy from the surrounding Aether. It has always been there without recognition.

From time in-memorial, there has existed a special key relationship between the Aether energy and the vacuum, that relationship has been in every Thermionic vacuum device ever created by man and has played a silent key role in the functioning of every Thermionic vacuum device which receives negative energy from the Aether.

Uniquely as per the discovery of this patent, a latent EMF energy source (space charge) Is created when we evacuate the air particles from any hermetic container if it can support a vacuum regardless of the shape or the size, automatically that container will fill with EMF unipolar energy from the Aether. And it will refill automatically as we try to empty.

That EMF energy is made of electro-magnetic potential meaning in more detail that it has latent positive magnetic potential and latent negative electrical potential in a balanced condition. (Latent meaning that is not activated). That latent EMF potential resides within every hermetic container which holds a vacuum. Once the chamber is evacuated, by introducing positive energy (heat, light, coherent light) into the container chamber (from an exterior energy source), an unbalanced condition is created which upsets the natural balance of the vacuum EMF producing an unbalanced condition which condenses the free magnetic energy, that is the reason why we must have a "heater" source in a vacuum tube to invoke its potential or in the case of Ignitrons, we must "spark" with positive energy the mercury pool cathode to create a "spot" which in return invokes a very large release of magnetic energy in the form of magnetic currents produced by accelerating electrons.

The end effects of releasing magnetic energy is so energetic that it produces a magnetic field bubble of enough energy to break electrons loose from the cathode material of the device, this electron acceleration produces a secondary gain of magnetic potential which occurs when the electrons accelerate towards a higher potential plateau (a node).

Because the electrons are accelerated from a low potential to a high potential, a clean natural gain of potential is gained, and a reversed polarity magnetic current is produced, these magnetic currents are usable as Magnetic fuel to produce "negative work" which converts into positive potential for re-use.

The amount of magnetic current energy produced is a function of the physical size of the vacuum chamber, the magnitude and potency of the electrical energy discharged thru the vacuum and the overall surface area of the anode receiving the electrons produced.

Magnetic energy is primarily categorized as Negative energy and is only limited by the oscillation frequency and the size of the electrical source.

For the purposes of this patent and reflecting upon the discovery of this new type of energy source, Thermionic vacuum devices become continuous Magnetic energy sources which can provide with free energy in the form of magnetic currents (negative energy). The benefits obtained from the new principles developed around the concept of using Thermionic sources with electrical sources In the same circuit appears far more promising as well as a "natural and efficient "replenishing fuel source.

The idea of using separate sources (Thermionic energy) to drive electrical circuits produces benefits which far exceed any expectation, for one fuel that produces not waste or consumption of electrical potential thus creating an energy fountain.


Magnetic energy potential is generically produced by inductor devices when acting as a source, and unlike electrical energy potential which is obtained from batteries and produced by "chemical reactions" with a definite life time, Magnetic energy potential, on the other hand, is non-destructible and amplifiable.

Inductors, which operate in a two-state modality, can behave as "a load" ingesting bipolar potential and exporting unipolar negative magnetic potential operating as a "source.

When an inductor is operating as a source, they export unipolar negative magnetic potential with a reversed electric field.

Inductors and coil devices produce unipolar magnetic energy after doing positive work which is produced by the inductor operating as a "source".

Inductors can be primed by either electrical or magnetic potential which can be converted it into more magnetic potential using transformers.

Generically, Thermionic Negative magnetic potential is electrical potential which have had both the electrical field and the magnetic field reversed by Thermionic devices.


The recommended make-up of the primary role of the Source (AC or DC) is a static source to start the system. The electrical requirements to start the system it is mainly static electrical energy and it does not require "a high current". The recommended power supply is a combination of a battery bank which supplies a bank of super-capacitors.

New develops in battery technology are just that combinations of lead-acid battery technology with supercapacitors.

The electrical source for MEPS must be able to provide potential in the form of an initial static pulse, this circuit maybe provided via inductors or pre-charged super capacitors.

The DC source may be made of a combination of super-capacitors and ultra-battery banks as sole sources and or self-sustaining static dynamic generators complementing or replacing the DC batteries.


It is known that all thermodynamic processes entail spatial redistribution of internal energies. Thus, entropy can be viewed as a spreading of energy within the Universe. Energy spreading generally entails energy exchanges as processes among molecules and among electric and magnetic fields including radiation, neutrinos, and the like.

The Second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated reversible system never decreases because an isolated system always evolves towards a finite

thermodynamic equilibrium.

Based on thermodynamics, any closed repetitive reversible entropic process which does not lose entropy to the surroundings can be executed without violating the Second law of thermodynamics. This occurs because the net entropy change of a reversible process is zero as AS (Entropy total) = 0.

In this patent and as shown in the attached figures, potential is extracted from two separate sources, the electrical source and the Aether magnetic Thermionic sources and the result is furnished to the electrical circuit to maintain and decrease the overall entropy of the circuit. The magnetic energy produced by Thermionic vacuum devices is exteriorly sourced by the external EMF produced by the Aether and it is aggregated with the local electrical potential supplied by the electrical source producing a time-driven electro-magnetic fuel winch increases the total field potential of the circuit which bears electromotive forces (in amps) which decreases the entropy of the system (negentropy) of the system and which by definition complies and it does not violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics

By operating in a circular mode by returning to the initial starting state, the total net entropy change in the circuit remains always zero or less. Thus, as predicted by the Entropy law, usable work can be extracted from an alternating reversible entropic engine using Negative energy and positive energy in a cycle which maintains itself without violating the laws of Thermodynamics.


The drawings illustrate preferred embodiment of the methods and devices of the discovery and the reference numbers in the drawings are used consistently throughout. New reference numbers in FIG.1 are given the 100 series numbers, FIG. 2 are given the 200 series numbers and so on. Similarly, new reference numbers in each succeeding drawing are given a corresponding series number beginning with the figure number, as follows:

FIG.1 depicts PRIOR ART Powering loads with electrical energy.

FIG.2 depicts NEW ART Powering loads with Aether magnetic sources.

FIG. 3 depicts PRESENT ART-Electrical" Negative Ground "datum circuit.

FIG. 4 depicts NEW ART -Magnetic "Positive ground" datum circuit.

FIG. 5 depicts NEW ART Method to generate Negative magnetic potential using

Thermionic vacuum devices.

FIG. 6 depicts NEW ART Basic Magnetic energy power supply(MEPS)

FIG. 7 depicts NEW ART method to create a latent EMF Aether source. FIG. 8 depicts NEW ART Method to activate the EMF Aether source.

FIG. 9 depicts a generic Thyratrons thermionic device

FIG 10. depicts a generic Ignitron thermionic device.

FIG.11 depicts NEW ART Basic magnetic power system(MEPS) process.

FIG.12 depicts NEW ART Generic positive magnetic potential generator circuit.

FIG.13 depicts the NEW ART Generic Thermionic negative magnetic potential generator circuit.

FIG.14 depicts the Magnetic mixer as a method to power circuits and recover potential. FIG.15 depicts the High frequency coordination generic control methods


FIG.1 depicts the PRIOR ART being used for powering electrical loads. Our present methods primarily use electrical energy as a method to power the (2a) load(s), this method may include an AC or DC source (1a) such as a commercial AC source or a chemical battery and it performs "positive work" using magnetic potential from the source's electrical field charge which ultimately consumes the charge of the source.

In our present methods both the Electrical potential as well as the magnetic potential is furnished by the source(1a); consequently the "positive work" is done exclusively by the positive charge sacrificing the positive ions of the source. Thus, in our present electrical circuits, the source(1a) performs 100% of the work. This condition eventually discharges the (11a) Electrical source and consumes its charge.

FIG.2 depicts the NEW ART powering method which the Electrical sources provides the electrical potential while the magnetic is furnished by Thermionic vacuum devices as the source of negative magnetic potential for the circuit.

Generically Work has always been done by magnetic potential whether Positive and or negative, Work has been always done by electrical and magnetic potential respectively, The new method becomes the source of magnetic potential and it uses vacuum thermionic devices which furnish the magnetic energy of the circuit in its entirety.

A vacuum thermionic device in an electrical circuit can be used as a replacement source of magnetic potential which Aether's negative energy to fuel the circuit and provide the load and can provide 100% of the magnetic energy required by the circuit to power the load(4b) thus alleviating and preserving the electrical source charge.

In the new art circuit, the electrical field is supplemented with an exterior powered magnetic field obtained from the (3b) Thermionic vacuum devices.

In the NEW ART method, Work is performed using vacuum Thermionic devices which converts positive magnetic potential to negative magnetic energy potential to power the electrical loads while replenish the source and without sacrificing the Source(1b).

Negative work done by negative magnetic potential produces electrical potential which can be used to replenish the source(1 b).

In the new art, as it will be shown, Thermionic vacuum devices such as Thyratrons, vacuum diodes, mercury arc rectifiers, Ignitrons and others can be utilized as free magnetic energy sources.

This is one of the most exceptionally starring discovery items of the patent.

FIG. 3 depicts the PRIOR ART which uses Electrical" Negative Ground "datum circuits.

Present electrical systems utilize a Negative ground(1c) referenced circuit.

Our society has been using Negative ground circuits primarily where positive work(7c) is performed by an energy exchange of positive ions(2c) fueled by the electrical field of the source.

The positive ions(2c) are motivated to do work by a magnetic energy created with electrical charge which motivates positive ions to accelerate towards the (1c) Negative ground which by default reduces the potential of the circuit.

FIG. 4 represents the NEW ART Magnetic "Positive ground" datum circuit. This circuit is representative of using vacuum Thermionic device(s) in series with an electrical load (not shown), it is characterized by having a built-in hermetic vacuum

chamber(4d), which attracts and stores EMF Aether (as it will be later discussed in Fig. 7 and Fig. 8) thus becoming a free-Magnetic current source.

In this depiction, the (1d) positive ground datum within (4d) hermetic vacuum container which holds a Space-charge characterized as EMF Aether in a latent form which when energized by an exterior source (8d) (such as energy from a filament heater or a positive spark discharge) creates a an artificial condition of "positive ground" where (2d) negative charged particles such as electrons are created and accelerated in a vigorous manner towards the (1d) positive anode, a condition which produces strong electromagnetic forces which powers loads as a function of the high currents created as explained by Lorentz force theories..

Thus, a synergistic electromagnetic condition is created whereby "Thermionic vacuum devices" acting as negative magnetic energy sources are connected in series with electrical circuits supplementing the circuit.

Because the magnetic energy potential is obtained from the Aether EMF, any Negative work(7d) is performed with negative magnetic energy supplied by the Thermionic vacuum source(s) themselves which by default conserves the source's electrical charge.

This document represents the discovery of a new method to produce "potential" to power our circuits which requires no fuel source and using positive potential which is converted to negative potential using Thermionic devices such as vacuum tubes, magnetrons and other thermionic devices which accelerate electrons towards a "new assigned" positive ground datum.

FIG. 5 depicts NEW ART Method to generate Negative magnetic potential employing Thermionic vacuum devices using magnetic pulses.

The circuit in Fig. 5 is made of a Magnetic pulse source (1e) in series with a single or plural Thermionic vacuum device (4e) in parallel to match current load, and a capacitor or bank of capacitors (9e) which collect the potential output of the circuit.

The Magnetic pulse source (1e) provides the circuit with magnetic potential pulses, preferably of high frequency AC nature, while the Thermionic vacuum device (4e) produces a continuous avalanche of electrons in a vacuum container (See Fig. 8) which are subsequently infused into the circuit creating a negative current.

As per Lorentz Force theory, a Negative mass particle(8e) moving in a negative magnetic field (7e) produces a Force which creates additional potential as the Negative mass particles(8e) seek a higher positive datum (11 m).

The Thermionic vacuum device (4e) in Fig. 5 functions as being both as a method to produce free electrons and a method and device to accelerate the same electrons in

compliance with Lorentz Force Theory.

At high frequency, these electrons are forced to repeatedly accelerate towards the most positive part of the circuit developing forces by an aggressive acceleration characterized as being negative magnetic potential energy because of the brisk changing of the "ground datum", the electrons develop negative usable high currents.

In compliance with Lorentz Force Theory and Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the Thermionic vacuum device (4e) procures negative mass free electrons which develops a negative magnetic field (Aether Thermionic vacuum device container) which accelerates electrons in the direction of motion towards the positive anode of the device and which thanks to Lorentz, it places a reversed force on the electrons which generates extra potential that assist with further acceleration thus producing a natural potential gain conversion which recharges the potential of the circuit.

This gain of potential method does not conflict with the Energy Conservation laws or the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

As per Lorentz theory, a mass-less negatively charged particle accelerating in a negative magnetic field creates a condition which accelerates free electrons with a "Force "in the direction of their motion which further aids the acceleration of the particles thus increasing the "potential of the circuit",

Because electrical potential and magnetic potential are close cousins of each other, their potential can be combined easily; in fact, mixing electrical and magnetic energy occurs naturally and produces a synergistic natural method to energize electrical circuits. The patent introduces a novice clean "innovative technology" to power our society which is totally benign to the environment as a natural way to power electrical loads using "magnetic energy" furnished by the environment itself.

The new art technology uses Positive magnetic pulses generated from an electrical energy (not shown) to start the process using a Positive magnetic pulse source (1e) (See Fig. 12 for details). Thermionic vacuum devices act as natural magnetic energy source.

As shown in Fig. 3, while a regular battery source's forces are developed by the "positive ions such action primarily uses the "positive potential" to drive loads which eventually "sacrifices" the positive charge of the source as a function of chemical exchange where positive ions are exchanged for "positive work".

Fig. 5 uses Thermionic vacuum devices which produce and accelerate free electrons powered by the heater element (see Fig. 8) which produce its own electromagnetic forces (negative energy) which power the (9e) Load, these circuits do not discharge the electrical source.

A magnetic circuit configuration which oscillates at high frequency using Thermionic vacuum device(s) which by default repeatedly changes the "ground datum from negative to (11 e) positive ground datum" and by default changes the circuit to a magnetic unipolar circuit.

Because the dipole "electric field" and the "unipolar" Magnetic energy are independent parameters, they cannot interact with each other thus disabling its binding which we know as the well-known Ohms Law which does not apply to unipolar energy and thus the overall energy of the circuit can be increased by amplifying inductors and transformers.

FIG. 6 depicts the NEW ART Basic magnetic energy power supply (MEPS).

The Basic magnetic energy power supply is made of a DC electrical source (1f), a Magnetic mixer module (12f), a Positive Magnetic Potential module acting as a DC/AC Inverter (15f) which oscillates the magnetic potential, an amplifying transformer(20f) connected in parallel to electrical load (30f) and Transformer (21f) and connected in series to Thermionic negative magnetic generator module (25f).

The (6) Magnetic energy Power System operates as a generator which is fueled by using Positive and negative Magnetic energy.

The Magnetic energy Power System (6) is powered by Thermionic magnetic energy source(s)(25f) which acts as a Negative magnetic source which together with the DC battery source (1f) which provides Positive magnetic pulses which become the main providers of the potential to power the circuit.

The Magnetic energy Power System (6) is composed of six (6) main sub-systems as follows:

System 10f - Power Supply provides electrical energy in the form of an electrical DC battery it can be a solar panel group, or it can be an AC commercial electrical source supply (8f) and a Magnetic potential module (12f). The function of the Magnetic potential module (12f) is to mix the positive and the negative magnetic energy pulses and to convert them into

Magnetic energy. See Fig. 14

System 20f - Positive magnetic source, as detailed in Fig. 12, this system generates Positive magnetic which further increases the magnetic energy of the system by using a negative reactance circuit using three inductor members in a "y" configuration.

System 30f -High frequency oscillator converts static DC magnetic potential to high frequency Ac positive magnetic potential. This device can be a DC/AC Inverter; however, a variable high frequency device is more desirable.

System 40f - Isolation and Amplifying transformers is made of at least two transformers that accomplishes both magnetic isolation and amplification of the positive magnetic potential pulses, it converts the lower voltage high frequency AC magnetic potential to high voltage high frequency AC magnetic potential.

System 50f - Thermionic negative magnetic source, as detail in Fig. 13, converts Positive magnetic potential to negative magnetic potential. This system includes a Thermionic vacuum device which generates free electrons which are accelerated by a Lorentz force to the most positive point of the circuit which follows Relativity energy rules(Einstein's) to accelerate the free electrons in the same direction as their motion thus creating a free potential which can be used to power electrical loads as well as to recharge the electrical battery.

System 60f - Output collector constitutes the Magnetic mixer module (12f) and the DC source (1f). The Magnetic mixer module (12f) collects and mixes the generated Negative magnetic pulses generated by the Thermionic negative magnetic generator (25f) and the Positive magnetic potential pulses generated by the DC source (1f) which fuels the MEPS.

FIG. 7 depicts a NEW ART generic method to create a latent EMF aether source. In this patent, the item which deserves the greatest recognition as the heart of the matter and "possible the greatest discovery in modern times" is the recognition that within every Thermionic vacuum device there is a natural latent source of magnetic energy which up to this point it has never been recognized before as such.

Generically, vacuum devices such as radio vacuum tubes were extensively recognized, primarily in the first half of the 19 th and 20 th century as vacuum tubes which were used primarily for the amplification of sound in radio receivers as well as a method to amplify radar output RF signals; but the greatest attribute of the thermionic effect has never been totally published or recognized.

The patent discovery is that within every vacuum tube and within every Thermionic vacuum device exist an inexhaustible latent source of magnetic energy.

"Given a hermetic container where the air particles of air have been exhausted and where a strong vacuum has been installed, there exists an inexhaustible raw magnetic energy fountain which can produce large continuous amounts of magnetic current potential from the Aether". Based on Lorentz and Pointcare and their theories developed about "local time" in the late 1800 and early 1900's, Aether is the zero-point motionless platform standard which is totally impervious to the effects of gravity and mass and therefore is the zero-standard to measure motion because Aether is motionless thus establishing the standard platform and the ultima standard platform for the measurement of time and relative motion. In other words, everything in the Universe is moving relative to the Aether while the Aether stands motionless.

A hermetic container where the air particles of air have been exhausted constitutes a latent EMF Aether standard platform which contains the capability to make a direct connection to the outside Aether prompted via the heat energy introduced by the heater filament. Any inception of positive potential into the Aether container will produce "negative mass electrons". Thermionic vacuum devices are representative of the Aether device which contains a raw latent Aether which makes connection which makes connection with the Aether via the heater filament.

This figure represents a (1g) container made of glass or neutral ceramic material being acted by a (6g) vacuum pump to extract the air particles will create a source of (5h) latent unipolar aether EMF potential.

Thus, given a (1g) hermetic container (any shape) maintaining a strong vacuum will by default fill with an inactivated natural EMF potential which contain both positive and negative unipolar potential.

This is the main discovery of the patent, even when Thermionic vacuum devices have been in existence since the early 1930's and were primarily used for radios as devices used to amplify electronic signals as vacuum tubes, our society has not recognized until now that the most important function and asset of the Thermionic vacuum devices is that they hold the promise of a forever giving magnetic energy fountain for humanity.

By properly designing and sizing the Thermionic vacuum device(s), it can become an inexhaustible source of latent magnetic energy, and thus functions as an unlimited source of fuel. This fuel is magnetic potential. The next figure will show the method to activate the latent magnetic potential.

FIG. 8 depicts NEW ART Method to activate the EMF Aether source. This figure shows the method to activate the raw EMF Aether in a vacuum container.

Given a (2h) vacuum container with exposure to (1 h) heat energy source (such as shown in Fig 10) ,Thyratrons will activate the vacuum to support a strong free electron (4h) current with reversed direction and which will create a strong (6h) electron flow which is attracted towards the (10h) Positive anode' In the case of Ignitrons a strong pulse of 200 volts at 10amps could generate a current response as large as 1000 Amps or more'

Because the magnitude of the output current created is dependent solely as a function of the area of the (10h) Anode (approximatelylAmp/ square cm) and the magnitude of the

Electrical voltage potential of the electrical supply source, the output of the Thermionic vacuum device and its power output exhibits a gain in electrical potential.

As per the discovery of this patent, a Thermionic vacuum device becomes a free magnetic potential generator by increasing the current magnetic potential of the circuit which follows Einstein's precepts of Relativity Theory and Lorentz Force Theory where free electrons (negative mass) charged with negative magnetic energy within a negative magnetic field will be accelerated by forces (Lorentz forces) which create extra potential without using the battery or electrical source potential.

As shown In Fig. 8, Heat energy (1 h), in conjunction with a (11 h) high voltage pulse, added to an (2h) inactivated unipolar aether container will produce an (6h) unipolar reversed high current response which generates electrons which accelerate to (1 Oh) Anode thus creating useful high magnetic currents which create electro-magnetic forces.

FIG. 9 depicts a generic (1 i) Thyratrons device with a (2i) Faraday cage for shielding. Thyratrons primarily uses high frequency pulses.

The figure is representative of a Thyratrons Thermionic vacuum device which contains primarily a (3i) Heater filament and a (9i) Anode. The casing shown as (1 i) main body may be made of glass with a ceramic or plastic base. The electrical connections connect H1 and H2 to the (3i) heater filament while connection labeled A connects the (9i) anode as an output of the electron high current.

The composing body contains a high vacuum which is continually filling with exterior Aether EMF, any passage of negative electrical potential from the heater to the (9i) anode produces a strong reversed magnetic current made of negative electrons which may exhibit currents as high as 10OAmps or more. The high current is a function of the (9i) Anode receiving area (approximately one Amp/ square cm) and the size of the negative electrical potential of the source.

Fig. 10. Depicts a generic Ignitron device. The Ignitron Thermionic vacuum device supports high currents as high as 35,000 Amps.

The (1j) Ignitron device is made of a (1 Oj) hermetic container which holds a high vacuum with mercury vapors and its body is made generically out of a neutrally electric ceramic material, a (5j) mercury liquid cathode as a mercury pool, a (4j) Ignitron which connects electrically with the (5j) liquid cathode a (3j) high current Anode. The (1j) Ignitron has mainly three electrical connections shown as C1 and C2 which connect the (4j) Ignitron and the (5j) liquid mercury cathode. The Ignitron is energized thru a positive discharge on the mercury pol which evokes a response spark which loses electrons which are accelerated towards the positive anode thus creating a reverse current.

The (1j) Ignitron produces secondary high energy reversed high current pulses similar to an echo wave resulting from the initial primary high energy pulse inflicted on the (4j) Ignitron at a certain low frequency(60 Hertz) which strikes the (5j) Mercury liquid cathode producing free electrons from the mercury pool which are accelerated with extremely acceleration towards the (3j) Anode producing extremely large reversed currents which travel from the (5j) liquid mercury cathode to the (3j) Anode producing thousands of amps currents.

Because of the high energy currents produced, a great deal of energy is reflected to the body of the device necessitating (7j) and (6j) external cooling. This heat can be used to generate cooling using absorption refrigeration devices or it can be used generically as a source of creature comfort which does not produce any C02 discharges. FIG.11 depicts the NEW ART Basic Magnetic energy Power System process (MEPS).

The MEPS process is based on eight distinct sub-processes steps (a) STEP 1 to 3 which generates Positive magnetic energy potential, (b) STEPS 4 to 7 which generate Negative magnetic energy potential and (c) STEP 8 which drives the output. It is necessary to highlight the function of Transformers(10k) and (11 k), these transformers focus the forces to do work on the load while providing isolation.

It is well known that a conduction current is developed by the relative flow between the different kind of charges. In this circuit doing "work", mutual self-induction current occurs, and potential is produced at high frequency by an opposite self-induction process where the positive ion atoms are changed into the negative ion atoms and where electrons are changed into positive ions after doing work.

The overall objective of the MEPS process and its design is to generate a several fold greater flow rate of electrons/second (Negative energy) using Thermionic vacuum devices which exceeds the flow rate of protons per second as Positive energy in such manner that the orientation of the magnetic B field produced by protons accelerating (positive particles) by the Positive magnetic field and the magnetic B field produced by electrons accelerating (negative particles) of the Negative magnetic field yields a large aggregate of synergistic Lorentz forces which are delivered in the same direction to the load.

The inventor recognizes and notes that the greater rate of electrons has relativistic overtones regarding real and imaginary time which are beyond the scope of the patent.

The (MEPS) Unipolar magnetic current generation process which is re commendably controlled by a Microprocessor and it includes seven (7) steps as follows:

Step 1 - This step represents primarily the recovery of Positive and negative magnetic from the System 11 , Positive potential pulses from electrical source (1k) to power the Positive magnetic source (2k). The electrical power source(1 k) can be DC or AC obtained from an electrical source. The circuit uses a Mixer converter (9k) which uses alternating Positive and Negative energy pulses to generate magnetic energy. Alternating Positive and Negative magnetic pulses do electrical work without discharging the DC source.

Step 2- This step represents a further amplification of the magnetic potential to positive magnetic potential by increasing the reactance of the circuit by using a three inductor "y" arrangement. The size and output are designed in accordance with the magnetic potential output desired.

Step 3- The step represents the high frequency oscillating of the created magnetic potential.

Step 4- This step primarily involves two Transformers (10k) and (11 k) which serve both as an isolator and a method to further amplify the Magnetic potential by amplifying the voltage. Transformer(11 k) function is to amplify the voltage which is later to negative energy.

Step 5- This step is a key step and the most crucial step of the process as discovered by this patent, it involves the use of at least one Thermionic vacuum device such as a Thyratron, an Ignitron or a simple thermionic vacuum rectifier device able to create "free electrons" which are accelerated as per Lorentz Force theory to sustain the voltage, the frequency, and the amperage level developed by the application. This step also reverses the direction of the current.

Electrons behave like "beach ball under water" and develop an upwards force which is proportional to the depth, in the case of the electrons, they are produced at a negative potential of hundreds or thousands of negative volts potential and where the energy required to create electrons is constant regardless of the negative potential.

The best analogy to the Lorentz Forces developed by the thermionic vacuum device in this patent, is the upward forces developed by "beach ball under water", the electrons are born immersed in Aether, and develop an upwards force to the most positive point in the circuit.

Lorentz forces employ relativistic transformation powered by the Thermionic vacuum device where positive magnetic potential is converted to negative magnetic potential

explainable by both the Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Lorentz Force theory. The step is related to the utilization of magnetic potential to fuel a conversion of negative charged particles which are motivated to accelerate towards the most positive "positive ground datum".

As per Lorentz, mass-less electrons accelerating in a negative magnetic field creates a "Force" in the direction of their motion which aids the acceleration of the particles thus increasing the "potential of the circuit" by moving from a lower potential point to a higher potential point.

Step 6- This step relates to the use of Zener diode to convert the Negative potential to positive potential which regulates the output voltage of the Thermionic Negative magnetic potential Module (5k).

Step 7- The high frequency Negative mixer potential (12k) output working as reversed current(8k) device replenishes the electrical source(1 k) while powering the circuit.

Step 8- Electrical load (7k) is driven. by Transformer (10k).

FIG.12 depicts a NEW ART Generic positive magnetic potential generator circuit. The System 12 represented in this figure is made out a Magnetic potential converter(12L) acting as a magnetic source which drives capacitor (10L) which oscillates an inductor circuit arrangement made out three inductors as (3L), (4L) and (5L) which form a negative reactance circuit, it includes two pulse connections circuits represented as (2L) and (6L) driven by a high frequency controller (not shown). In the case that the source is AC(8L), connections (2L) and (6L) are not required.

High frequency pulses of positive potential from the Magnetic potential source (12L) are channel to Inductors (3L), (4L) and (5L) at high frequency to Transformer(9L) as Positive magnetic potential.

Inductors arranged in a "y" have a negative reactance which develops a time memory and will acquired potential as a function of a time delay while returning the original powering potential to the source while developing a magnetic current represented as Currents(15L) and (16L). FIG.13 depicts the NEW ART a Generic negative magnetic potential generator source circuit.

The system 13 receives the discarded positive potential from Fig. 11 (via Transformer 11 k), and it is made of Transformer(1 m)_Capacitor(2m), diode(2m), diode(4m), Capacitor(9m), Thermionic vacuum device(21 m) and possibly Thermionic vacuum device(21 m).

System 13 exports the Recovered Negative magnetic potential(25m) to Fig.14.

It is important to mention that System 13 can be made of several Negative magnetic modules depending on the size of the system.

System 13 primarily function is to recover the negative potential from the electrical load and to produce Negative magnetic potential via the Thermionic emission effects which reverses the current of the circuit.

(a) it collects the magnetic potential via Transformer (1 m),

(b) it amplifies the magnetic potential.

(c) it creates an electrostatic field connection with the universal Aether via the positive radiant potential injected by the Heater element of the filament_as heat radiation thus creating a Negative electrostatic field within the vacuum container of the Thermionic device (21 m),

(d) it boils off mass-less electrons from the Filament heater creating free negative mass particles (electrons) which creates,

(e) Lorentz Force forces which accelerates the liberated electrons to a positive datum (11 m) and which creates a Lorentz Force (a usable artificial negative potential) in the same direction as the electron motion where negative mass particles are accelerated speeds thus creating an artificial man-made usable potential. Usable Negative potential is formed by Thermionic device (21m).

The basis for the mentioned inductor in System 13 as magnetic amplifier is that it produces an "aggregating effect of electromagnetic potential" made of recovered positive and negative magnetic potential converted to usable recoverable potential using high frequency oscillation of AC.

Generically a Thermionic vacuum device produces Negative potential which is created when the internal vacuum is exposed to positive potential thru the heater filament unit where the negative mass(electrons) are produced and accelerated by a negative magnetic field charge which creates a Lorentz force connection to the anode positive charge.

The Negative magnetic potential generated with the Positive magnetic potential can be used to power electrical loads such as homes, locomotion vehicles, illuminate cities and thousands of other applications without using oily fuels.

System 13 uses alternating Positive magnetic pulses with Negative magnetic pulses to power electrical loads it also represents a method to recover the used potential to refurbish the source.

The method represents the discovery of a total independent man-made method to create usable potential which uses an Artificial Potential System created by humans for the first time in the history of mankind which eliminates pollution of oil fuels. The method that the inventor calls MEPS (Magnetic energy power supply). Electrical potential is created by the acceleration of negative particles which are driven by the "discharge" of positive and negative magnetic potential doing work.

FIG.14 depicts the Magnetic mixer module (14) as a method to power circuits and recover potential to repower the system.

Magnetic mixer module (14) is made out primarily of a DC Source(1 n) which could be AC sourced or a composite Lead-acid or Lithium bank battery with super-capacitors or an Ultra- battery with built-in supercapacitors, supercapacitor(4n) and Oscillator controls (2n and 3n) which oscillates at high frequency Magnetic mixer module (14) receives, supplies and transmits positive magnetic potential and negative magnetic potential pulses at high frequency and mixes the magnetic potential to recover as well as powering the MEPS system.

The Magnetic potential mixer, as shown (14), exports Electrical potential(21 n) via line (P1 ) and (P2) to power the system and receives and mixes Negative magnetic potential(25n) via line (R+) and (R-) which replenishes Supercapacitor(5n).

FIG.15 depicts the High frequency coordination control methods


This patent relates to the methods and devices used to generate and recover magnetic energy provided by the Aether collected by the Thermionic vacuum devices to produce useful electrical "electron potential" using DC energy sources.

Fundamentally the patent deals with the production, recovery and utilization of magnetic potential from bipolar circuits using Thermionic effects to produce negative magnetic potential and positive magnetic potential to do usable work without DC source consumption while using high frequency currents which do not destroy the positive potential thru the acceleration of negatively charged electrons which can produce usable work without the discharge of the source.


There is a need for a clean, non-polluting, re-usable potential, source which recyclable usable Thermionic fuel which recovers magnetic potential source which is portable and scalable in nature without producing pollution which pollutes the environment. There is also a need for a method to eliminate "electrical potential consumption" which generate pollution heat of the electrical sources in general, just like there is a need for a fuel that re- recovers itself which does not pollute the environment.

The primarily problem being addressed is the present waste of fuels and potential to produce electrical energy by our present electrical systems which shunts the source at the onset and destroys the potential of DC energy sources.

Our present electrical systems today do not utilize the magnetic portion of energy thus operate in a "shorting mode" thus continually discharging the source and wasting the source's potential.


One of the greatest problems facing our society today is the pollution caused by the present "burning" of coal and oil-based fuels to recover electrical energy for homes and industry and energy in general for transportation, the present patent represents the only known solution to this problem. This patent represents the only known solution of the electrical energy wasteful consumption solution which does not require conversion and utilization of oils or coal which produce "hot waste and pollution".

The solution, as presented in this patent addresses directly "the electrical potential consumption" by using clean magnetic energy extracted thru Thermionic vacuum devices using by the surrounding Aether.

In the form of the patent, useful Work potential in the form of recovered from Thermionic vacuum devices which yields electron magnetic energy potential mixed with positive energy pulses addresses the problem of wasteful consumption directly.

Because the methods and apparatus discussed by this patent are scalable, it provides the opportunity for the developing of scalable self-sufficient Magnetic energy Power systems (MEPS) of virtually any size that can power electrically our homes, air conditioners and heat our homes by using the same techniques to power electric induction units, as well as provide energy to power induction heat units to prepare and cook food, procure clean energy for transportation means for electric cars, trains, medical machines and other methods as well as the development of twenty four hour energy lighting systems that can help humanity to raise food as well as the conversion of sea water to drinkable water and the extraction of drinkable water from the moisture contained in air in the desserts.

Electrical energy today is currently being "burned" unnecessarily and inefficiently as incomplete usable methods. Our electrical systems today use electrical energy in a hard form that is applied until depleted.

This patent demonstrates that the electrical energy is better utilized if first converted to "negative potential" thus allowing for its reclamation for re-use.

(end of specifications)