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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/148586
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A method and apparatus for speaker recognition during multi-person speech, an electronic device, and a storage medium, wherein same relate to the technical field of computers. The method comprises: acquiring speech content during multi-person speech, extracting a voice segment of a pre-set length from the speech content, and carrying out fundamental wave removal processing on the voice segment to obtain a harmonic waveband of the voice segment (S110); detecting the harmonic waveband in the voice segment of a pre-set time length, calculating the number of harmonics during the detection, and analyzing the relative intensity of the harmonics (S120); marking voices having the same number of harmonics and the same harmonic intensity in different detection periods as being from the same speaker (S130); by means of analyzing the speech content corresponding to different speakers, recognizing identity information of the speakers (S140); and generating a correlation between the speech content of different speakers and the identity information of the speakers (S150). By means of the method, identity information of the speakers can be effectively distinguished according to the speech content of the speakers.

LU, Qiwei (Jian Hong Photo Studio, Building 62 East Nan Ping Li, Liusha West Stree, Pu'ning Guangdong 0, 515300, CN)
LIU, Shanguo (No.4, Software Park East Road Shahekou Distric, Dalian Liaoning 0, 116000, CN)
LIU, Jia (Group 6, Liuyuan District Guwei Town Outsid, Ruicheng County Shanxi 0, 044600, CN)
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August 08, 2019
Filing Date:
March 09, 2018
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SHENZHEN EAGLESOUL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Room202, 2nd Floor Building1, Jianda Industrial Zone, Xin'an Third Road, Bao'an Distric, Shenzhen Guangdong 0, 518100, CN)
International Classes:
G10L17/00; G10L15/26
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BEIJING HESHINIP INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE (Taihualongqi Plaza Building 4th 1002 Huangping Road, Huilongguan Changping District, Beijing 6, 100096, CN)
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