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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/133736
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A method for line-by-line image-capture scanning of an object using an image sensor, wherein the image sensor has a plurality of first image elements in the form of first charge-generating elements with a first element face, light of constant luminance impinges on the first image elements, and on the basis of charges given off by the image sensor an image of the scanned object is produced. The method comprises dynamically adjustable binning of predefined adjacent image elements to create at least one second image element which forms an image element that is larger than the first image element and has a second element face that is larger than the first image element face, and full modulation of the at least one second image element containing the binned first image elements and of any remaining first image elements to the same sensitivity at the constant luminance and irrespective of the sizes of the first and second element faces. By fully modulating both small and large pixels at the same luminance the method provides constant sensitivity, resulting in only an insignificant increase in bandwidth even when zooming in on a portion of an image to show a region of interest.

TICHAWA, Krisztina (Burgwallstraße 14, Friedberg, 86316, DE)
TICHAWA, Nikolaus (Burgwallstraße 14, Friedberg, 86316, DE)
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September 28, 2017
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February 06, 2017
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TICHAWA VISION GMBH (86316 Friedberg, 86316, DE)
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SCHAICH, Axel (Adam-Berg-Straße 103, München, 81735, DE)
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