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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/045635
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Provided is a method for manufacturing a cough-suppressing rock-candy snow pear, comprising the following steps: selecting a snow pear having a thin skin, washing said snow pear, and removing its skin; horizontally cutting open the snow pear at one-third of its height and using a spoon to remove the core from the interior of the snow pear; placing 40-100 g of rock candy, 2-6 g of powdered Yellow Himalayan Fritillary, and 1.5-3 g of chenpi into the de-cored snow pear, then closing together the top and bottom halves of the snow pear; placing the closed snow pear into a pot and stewing for 30 minutes until the rock candy has dissolved, then removing the snow pear, which is then ready for consumption. The rock-candy snow pear manufactured using the method not only has a good mouthfeel, but also is highly effective in suppressing a cough.

HUANG, Fangyuan (No. 1 Street Kaitaibei, Kaitai RoadGuangzhou, Guangdong 5, 510535, CN)
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Publication Date:
March 23, 2017
Filing Date:
September 17, 2016
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HUANG, Fangyuan (No. 1 Street Kaitaibei, Kaitai RoadGuangzhou, Guangdong 5, 510535, CN)
International Classes:
A23L1/01; A23L1/212; A23L1/09; A23L1/30
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