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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/107725
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Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a double cosmetic container. The method for manufacturing a double cosmetic container according to the present invention comprises the steps of: molding an inner preform (40)(40a) having a pattern portion (42) formed on the outer surface thereof in various shapes including at least one selected from a character, an image, a figure, and a helical groove by using an inner preform upper mold (10) which has a molding space (11) formed therein, and which has a pattern molding portion (12a) provided on the inner peripheral surface thereof, and an inner preform lower mold (14) having a discharge portion molding space (15); inserting the inner preform (40)(40a) into a molding space (21) of an outer preform upper mold (20), fixing the discharge portion (41) of the inner preform (40)(40a) to an outer preform lower mold (23), and then introducing a liquid raw material into the molding space (21) of the outer preform upper mold (20) such that an outer preform (50) is forced against/molded on the outer surface of the inner preform (40)(40a) on which the pattern portion (42) is formed; and simultaneously heating the inner preform (40)(40a) and the outer preform (50), which are forced against/molded on each other, inserting the same into a molding space (31) of a blow-molding mold (30), inserting a blow tube (32) into the discharge portion (41) of the inner preform (40)(40a), and then expanding the inner preform (40)(40a) and the outer preform (50) simultaneously by blow molding, thereby molding a double cosmetic container having an inner container (100)(100a) and an outer container (200) forced against each other.

HONG, Jung Min (102-3501, 45 Yanghwa-r, Mapo-gu Seoul, 04036, KR)
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June 06, 2019
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October 02, 2018
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JUNG MIN CO., LTD. (42-8, Saneop-ro 8beon-gilBucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14441, KR)
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B29C49/22; A45D40/00; A45D40/24; B29C49/00; B29C49/02; B29C49/42
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CHUNG HYUN PATENT & LAW FIRM (Bethel Bldg. 8F, 23 Dongsan-ro,Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06779, KR)
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