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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/006797
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The present invention relates to the technical field of textile processes, and provides a method for manufacturing a household textile fabric, comprising the following steps: (1) winding; (2) dyeing; (3) drying of a textile fabric by using a drying machine after water washing; (4) preparation of a warp beam; (5) loom weaving; (6) steaming; (7) dewatering and drying; (8) tentering; (9) preshrinking; (10) rolling; (11) high-pressure ironing and shaping, and cooling; and (12) finished-product packing and warehousing. The method for manufacturing a household textile fabric provided by the present invention can make the overall effect of a cloth smooth and full; by means of soft water and a scouring agent, the fabric quality is promoted; by means of procedures of dewatering and drying, tentering, preshrinking, rolling, and high-pressure ironing and shaping, anti-mildew and anti-bacterial, wet-absorbing and air permeable, ultraviolet-proof, and anti-static effects are achieved; furthermore, costs are reduced.

XU, Dan (Room 105, Happy New Home Building 1 Happy Streets,Gangzha Distric, Nantong Jiangsu 0, 226600, CN)
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January 10, 2019
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July 27, 2017
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NANTONG VATICAN TEXTILE CO., LTD (XU Dan, Room 105 Happy New Home Building 1, Happy Streets,Gangzha Distric, Nantong Jiangsu 0, 226600, CN)
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D03D15/00; D03D1/00; D06B3/10; D06B15/00; D06C7/02
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BEIJING GAOHANG INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY CO., LTD (ZHAO, YongqiangRoom 305, 3 / F, Huasheng International Building, 12 Yabao Roa, Chaoyang District Beijing 3, 100123, CN)
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