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WIPO Patent Application WO/2000/047051
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Method for manufacturing egg on an aerosol bottle, thereby dissolving benzoic acid in ethanol, adding water to the mixture and adding the mixture in a mass of eggs, preferably a mass of pasteurised eggs.

Hammer, Hilde K. (Brinken 41 Oslo, N-0654, NO)
Erlandsen, Trond (Smylestråveien 7 Larvik, N-3261, NO)
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Publication Date:
August 17, 2000
Filing Date:
February 08, 2000
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Eggprodukter AS. (Boks 2088 Larvik, N-3271, NO)
Hammer, Hilde K. (Brinken 41 Oslo, N-0654, NO)
Erlandsen, Trond (Smylestråveien 7 Larvik, N-3261, NO)
International Classes:
A21D13/00; A21D13/08; A23B5/12; A23B5/14; A23L15/00; (IPC1-7): A21D15/08; A23B5/12
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Other References:
"EGG POWDER PROCESSING", FOOD MARKETING AND TECHNOLOGY, NUERNBERG, DE, 1 December 1995 (1995-12-01), DE, pages 01, XP002928402, ISSN: 0932-2744
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Tandbergs, Patentkontor AS. (Boks 7085 Oslo, N-0306, NO)
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Method for manufacturing pasteurised egg on aerosol bottles The present invention is related to a method for manufacturing pasteurised eggs on an aerosol bottle.

Several attempts have been made to be able to offer glazing means for baker's products in a ready to use form directly from aerosol bottles. It has, however, been connected with difficulties to offer such a product with acceptable storing properties for glazing on baker's products.

With the present invention a method is provided which ensures the durability of such products and for which the acceptable storing time has shown to be well within the claims defined by the users.

The above object is achieved with the method according to the present invention as defined with the features stated in the claim.

The method according to the invention comprises especially the mixing of benzoic acid diluted in ethanol with a pasteurised mass of eggs during the process.

The resulting mixed mass thereafter is filled on aerosol boxes. As well known, the aerosol box thereafter is pressurized by the supply of nitrogen.

It has been proven suitable and decisive to mix the masses in an accurate relation between the ingredients to achieve the desired effect. The finished mass product therefore contains 498 % o by weight of eggs, 448,2 % o by weight of water, 49,8 % o by weight of ethanol and 4 % o by weight of benzoic acid.

During the process the benzoic acid first is dissolved in ethanol whereafter water is added to the mass. This mixture is stirred into the pasteurised mass of eggs.

The end product finally is filled into aluminium cans, which thereafter are pressurised preferably by nitrogen.