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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/002579
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A method for manufacturing a substrate-integrated gasket that does not require air vents to be provided extending from a cavity in a mold and thus does not require a post-process for removing flash that forms in the air vents comprises: a coating step of coating a front surface of a substrate (1) with an adhesive in a prescribed pattern corresponding to an extended shape of a gasket to be molded; and a step of filling and curing an uncured molding material in a cavity (40) that is defined between the substrate (1) and an inner surface of a mold (10) by mounting and clamping the substrate (1) inside the mold. The coating step includes forming a main adhesive coated region (31) extending along an extending direction of the cavity (40), partial adhesive coated regions (32) capable of closely contacting the mold (10) outside the cavity (40), and non-adhesive coated regions (33) extending from a position outside the cavity (40) to a position inside the cavity (40).

MASAKA Takeshi (2000 Akatsuchi, Kikugawa-sh, Shizuoka 07, 〒4371507, JP)
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Publication Date:
January 05, 2017
Filing Date:
June 10, 2016
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NOK CORPORATION (12-15, Shibadaimon 1-chome Minato-k, Tokyo 85, 〒1058585, JP)
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B29C45/14; B29C33/12; F16J15/10; H01M8/02
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NOMOTO Yoichi et al. (NOMOTO & KIRIYAMA INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE, Terao Building 8-4, Nishi-Shinbashi 2-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 03, 〒1050003, JP)
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