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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/111829
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Disclosed is a technique for identifying amino acids that play a primary role for the PPR motif to work as a RNA binding unit and controlling the RNA binding characteristics thereof. Specifically disclosed is a method for modifying the RNA characteristics of a PPR protein having one or more, preferably two or more and more preferably 2 - 14 PPR motifs formed from polypeptides with a length of 30 - 38 amino acids, and the method includes a process for substituting one or a plurality of the first, fourth, eighth, ninth and twelfth amino acids on one or a plurality of PPR motifs.

NAKAMURA, Takahiro (National University Corporation 10-1, Hakozaki 6-chome, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-sh, Fukuoka 81, 〒8128581, JP)
中村 崇裕 (〒81 福岡県福岡市東区箱崎六丁目10番1号 国立大学法人九州大学内 Fukuoka, 〒8128581, JP)
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Publication Date:
September 15, 2011
Filing Date:
March 11, 2011
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KYUSHU UNIVERSITY, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CORPORATION (10-1, Hakozaki 6-chome Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-sh, Fukuoka 81, 〒8128581, JP)
国立大学法人九州大学 (〒81 福岡県福岡市東区箱崎六丁目10番1号 Fukuoka, 〒8128581, JP)
NAKAMURA, Takahiro (National University Corporation 10-1, Hakozaki 6-chome, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-sh, Fukuoka 81, 〒8128581, JP)
International Classes:
C12N15/09; C07K14/415
Other References:
NAKAMURA, T. ET AL.: "RNA-binding properties of HCF152, an ArabidopsisPPR protein involved in the processing of chloroplast RNA.", EUR. J. BIOCHEM., vol. 270, 2003, pages 4070 - 4081
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
ONO, Shinjiro et al. (YUASA AND HARA, Section 206 New Ohtemachi Bldg., 2-1, Ohtemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 04, 〒1000004, JP)
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