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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/024874
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The invention relates to a method for producing prefabricated components (1) for buildings, comprising the following steps: pouring a curable casting material into a formwork in order to form a plate-shaped base element (2); connecting the base element (2) to lightweight component units, such as thermal insulation boards, by introducing the lightweight component units into the not yet completely cured casting material, or via connection elements (3) that connect the base element (2) and the lightweight component units to one another, wherein all lightweight component units are arranged closely in a row without joining and are optionally cut to size, in order to together produce a plate-shaped lightweight building layer (4), which is bigger than the base element (2) on all sides by at least one processing section (5) and which therefore projects over same; measuring the fully cured prefabricated component (1) in relation to a reference that is predetermined on the factory side in order to establish the production-related deviations from a tolerance range specified in the subsequent assembly; and precisely processing the edge-side processing sections (5) and the side surface (6) of the lightweight building layer (4) facing away from the base element (2) by removing material of the lightweight building layer (4) to the extent of the deviations from the tolerance range established in the preceding step.

REDLBERGER, Alfred (Scheib 40, 3631 Scheib, 3631, AT)
REDLBERGER, Florian (Alte Poststraße 11, 3650 Pöggstall, 3650, AT)
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February 08, 2018
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August 04, 2017
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REDLBERGER, Alfred (Scheib 40, 3631 Scheib, 3631, AT)
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E04B1/14; B28B11/04; B28B19/00; B28B23/00; E04B2/86; E04C2/288
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MUELLNER, Martin et al. (169Weihburggasse 9, 1010 Wien, 1010 Wien, 1010, AT)
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