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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/104668
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Through a method for producing an optically active sulfoxide of formula 2 or a salt thereof by oxidizing a sulfide of formula 1 or salt thereof by means of hydrogen peroxide using an iron salt in the presence of a chiral ligand of formula 3, a high-purity proton pump inhibitor compound having optical activity can be safely and inexpensively prepared at high yield and in an enantioselective manner. [In the formula, A represents CH or N; R1 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl optionally substituted by a halogen, or an alkoxy optionally substituted by a halogen; R2 may represent one to three units, each independently representing an alkyl, a dialkylamine, or an alkoxy optionally substituted by a halogen or an alkoxy; each R3 independently represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen, a cyano, etc; R4 represents a tertiary alkyl; and * and ** each represent an R arrangement or an S arrangement.]

NAKAMURA, Eiichi (3-1 Hongo 7-chome, Bunkyo-k, Tokyo 54, 〒1138654, JP)
ILIES, Laurean (3-1 Hongo 7-chome, Bunkyo-k, Tokyo 54, 〒1138654, JP)
ODERAOTOSHI, Yoji (2-11, Shinbashi-cho, Kadoma-sh, Osaka 80, 〒5718580, JP)
IZUMI, Takuhiro (2-11, Shinbashi-cho, Kadoma-sh, Osaka 80, 〒5718580, JP)
NISHIGUCHI, Shigenobu (2-11, Shinbashi-cho, Kadoma-sh, Osaka 80, 〒5718580, JP)
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Publication Date:
June 30, 2016
Filing Date:
December 25, 2015
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THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (3-1 Hongo 7-chome, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, 54, 〒1138654, JP)
TOWA PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. (2-11, Shinbashi-cho Kadoma-sh, Osaka 80, 〒5718580, JP)
International Classes:
C07D401/12; A61K31/4439; A61P1/04; A61P43/00; C07C251/24; C07B61/00; C07F15/02
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See also references of EP 3239146A4
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SAKAMOTO, Tomohiro (13 Yotsuya 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 04, 〒1600004, JP)
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