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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/134111
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Provided is a mid-infrared optical fiber laser, comprising a pump source (1), a lens assembly (2), and a resonant cavity; the lens assembly (2) is placed between the pump source (1) and the resonant cavity; the pump source (1) is used for generating pump light; the pump light is transmitted through the lens assembly (2), collimated and focused, and then transmitted to the resonant cavity; the resonant cavity converts the pump light into a pulsed laser and outputs the pulsed laser; the resonant cavity comprises an optical fiber (3), a reflector set (4), an output coupling mirror (5), and a saturable absorber (6) using multilayer molybdenum disulfide as a saturable absorbing body. The saturable absorption spectrum of the multilayer molybdenum disulfide is broad and may extend to the mid-infrared band, such that the mid-infrared optical fiber laser can achieve the output of a mid-infrared pulsed laser in the 3-micron band.

ZHONG, Haizhe (Nanhai Ave.3688, NanshanShenzhen, Guangdong 0, 518060, CN)
WANG, Shiwei (Nanhai Ave.3688, NanshanShenzhen, Guangdong 0, 518060, CN)
DAI, Shengying (Nanhai Ave.3688, NanshanShenzhen, Guangdong 0, 518060, CN)
YANG, Jianlong (Nanhai Ave.3688, NanshanShenzhen, Guangdong 0, 518060, CN)
FAN, Dianyuan (Nanhai Ave.3688, NanshanShenzhen, Guangdong 0, 518060, CN)
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July 11, 2019
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January 05, 2018
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SHENZHEN UNIVERSITY (Nanhai Ave.3688, NanshanShenzhen, Guangdong 0, 518060, CN)
International Classes:
H01S3/067; H01S3/11
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Other References:
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HENSEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FIRM (10H Shangbu Building, No.68 Nanyuan Road Futia, Shenzhen Guangdong 0, 518000, CN)
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