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WIPO Patent Application WO/1999/053873
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A condom that covers only penis's head (glandis) for protection against probable infections and diseases that can be transmitted through sex, like HIV and AIDS. Said condom protects without covering all the penis's body allowing the natural and direct contact between the penis and woman's vagina.

Micciche', Cipriano (Via Roma N. 2/E Casteltermini, I-92025, IT)
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October 28, 1999
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January 12, 1999
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Micciche', Cipriano (Via Roma N. 2/E Casteltermini, I-92025, IT)
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A61F6/04; (IPC1-7): A61F6/04
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1. The PROTECTIVE MINI HAT CONDOM'S principleit covers only penis's head (glandis), and allows a free and natural direct contact between vagina's clitoridis, big lips, small lips and penis protecting from any kind of infections that could be transmitted through sex.
2. Stability's holder principle is based on the protective mini hat condom's elastic ring with or without tank which has to be put underneath glandis's crown right on glandis's back furrow between penis's crown and its prepuce, leaving penis's pipe totally free.
3. The hat condom of claim 1 has the perfect location for its elastic stability ring that has to be set on the back furrow exsistent between glandis's crown and its prepuce without disturbing or changing the organ's diameter.
4. The shape, size, type, the elastic stability ring, the material or the raw materials in order to create the hat condom of claim 1 are unsteady and are adaptable to the commercial requirements and to the European's regulations (C. E. E.) related to the protection and prevention plan in condom's matter. The name"PROTECTIVE MINI HAT CONDOM"is an integral claims'part. What is described above serves to illustrate and not to restrict this industrial patent, anyway, it could be change, adapted and combined avoiding, of course, getting out of this patent's limits.
DESCRIPTION MINI CONDOM TECHNICAL FIELD: The technical field which the invention refers to, stands in the creation of condoms which peculiarity and function is above all to safeguard from any kind of infections and diseases that could be transmitted during sexual contacts and oviously to impede unconfirmed procreation.

The above mentioned PROTECTIVE MINI HAT CONDOM can be manufactured in industries through appropriate technique.

BACKGROUND ART As we know at present there are other condoms able to protect from infections, diseases, and unwelcome pregnancies, but they have several characteristics and inconveniences.

The common condoms cover all the penis, head (glandis) and pipe. Their stability is based on the aderence all through man's organ, therefore covering penis's glandis and pipe.

This is why a lot of men and young people of both sex don't use condoms at all.

Besides common condoms may present other pratical inconeniences: they could slip off if too big and could actaully break if to small.

In both of these cases they don't fulfil the tasks which they are used for.

The breakage during its use is often caused by the thickness of sheath's laytex _ layer created thinner to obtain more sensitiveness even though it won't never be as much as the natural sexual contact's sensitivenes existant in the couple.

DISCLOSURE OF INVENTION: In accordance with the present invention I create a protective condom, reliable and resistant (which allows the free and natural contact between woman's nature: vagina's clitoridis, big lips, small lips and penis) named PROTECTIVE MINI HAT CONDOM.

This condom covers only the penis's head (glandis), it's created with or without tank and owns an elastic ring that is made to be put on the glandis's back furrow, underneath its crown, exactly between penis's prepuce and penis's crown.

That's why it protects from infections and diseases that could be transmitted through sexual contacts-like HIV and AIDS. It avoids any probable contact with sperms. Its presence doesn't affect the sensual pleasure that follows the free and natural contact between man and woman. The PROTECTIVE MINI HAT CONDOM covers only the glandis, which during the penetration reaches vagina's internal part that is less sensitive than all the other woman's parts involved in the sexual contact like clitoridis, big lips, small lips.

Other interesting characteristics of the invention are: mini condom's holder principle based on the effect of an elastic ring which is made to be set underneath GLANDIS'S CROWN right on glandis's back furrow between the crown and the prepuce. In this way it garantees a perfect seal without bothering or changing organ's diameter.

The invention will allow the generalized use of the protective mini hat condom, _ exceeding that reluctant wall that traditional condoms create in most men and in young people of both sex because they don't allow the free and natural contact between vagina and penis. These peculiar characteristics will make the PROTECTIVE MINI HAT CONDOM one of the most used and defused condoms in the world. This will help to prevent the spreading of infections and diseases that can be transmitted through sexual contacts like HIV- AIDS. Women won't use the spiral or other things to protect themselves from unwelcome pregnancies. They have always been afraid of the possible consequences of using the pill for too much time like: liver cancer, breast cancer, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism.

The PROTECTIVE MINI HAT CONDOM can be created with several materials known in business and with new ones that could be discovered in the future and are compatible with European (C. E. E.) sanitary rules for condoms.

Peculiar charateristics are the stability holder, the location of the right place where to put the elastic ring of the mini hat condom-underneath glandis's crown on its back furrow between penis's crown and prepuce.

This invention gets perfectly into the world protection and prevention plan from the transmission of HIV-AIDS VIRUS.

BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION: The processing is an industrial work which takes place through a continuous process. The various mould's immersion's phases into the product (raw material) its vulcanization and its dessication must be completed while the product is in the mould, then it will be checked (examined) several times through different phases, after it will be finally packed.