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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/190502
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Disclosed is a mirror image polishing device for an automobile accessory surface, the device comprising rotating main shafts (1), opposed pressing baffles (2), transmission rolling columns (3), a coarse frosting continuous track (4), a fine frosting continuous track (5), a synchronous electrical motor (6), a lifting rod (7), a supporting hanging plate (8), fixed shaft rods (9), pressure guiding rolling columns (10), limiting baffles (11), parallel connected reinforcement plates (12), directional guide rails (13), a movable clamping table (14), a thread penetrating hole (15), crossed penetrating grooves (16), a positioning insertion plate (17) and a limiting boss (18). The structural principle of the device is simple: a frosted frosting material is embedded in the whole conveying continuous track, and by means of being pressed downward by rolling columns arranged side-by-side, the pressed face of the continuous track at one end is a flat plane. The flat plane is in contact with the grinded surface so that circulating of the grinding can be performed, batch production can be achieved in the manner that the coarse continuous track and the fine continuous track arranged side by side are matched with guide rails on the lower side, and the operation is convenient, fast and effective.

LU, Hongdi (South, Weiwu Road Wuxu Village, Yanlong Street, Yandu Distric, Yancheng Jiangsu 4, 224014, CN)
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November 09, 2017
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December 05, 2016
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JIANGSU JINPAI AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CO., LTD. (South, Weiwu Road Wuxu Village, Yanlong Street, Yandu Distric, Yancheng Jiangsu 4, 224014, CN)
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B24B21/00; B24B21/18; B24B41/00
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NANJING ZHONGLIAN PATENT AGENCY CO., LTD. (7 Floor, Wanda Business Building No.129 Fuyuan Street, Jianye Distric, Nanjing Jiangsu 7, 210017, CN)
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