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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/049607
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Provided is a motor that can switch the rotational speed of an armature by switching the energization pattern of a brush, wherein the motor can reduce a current ripple. Equalizing wires 52 short circuit a 1st segment and a 7th segment, short circuit a 2nd segment and an 8th segment, short circuit a 3rd segment and a 21st segment, short circuit a 4th segment and a 10th segment, short circuit a 5th segment and an 11th segment, short circuit a 6th segment and a 12th segment, short circuit a 9th segment and a 15th segment, short circuit a 13th segment and a 19th segment, short circuit a 14th segment and a 20th segment, short circuit a 16th segment and a 22nd segment, short circuit a 17th segment and a 23rd segment, and short circuit an 18th segment and a 24th segment.

KIMURA,Yumiko (2681 Hirosawa-cho 1-chome, Kiryu-sh, Gunma 55, 〒3768555, JP)
SAITO,Masakazu (2681 Hirosawa-cho 1-chome, Kiryu-sh, Gunma 55, 〒3768555, JP)
TANAKA,Hidenori (2681 Hirosawa-cho 1-chome, Kiryu-sh, Gunma 55, 〒3768555, JP)
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March 14, 2019
Filing Date:
August 10, 2018
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MITSUBA CORPORATION (2681, Hirosawa-cho 1-chome Kiryu-sh, Gunma 55, 〒3768555, JP)
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H02K3/50; H02K1/26; H02K3/28; H02K23/00; H02K23/30
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UNIUS PATENT ATTORNEYS OFFICE (First Shin-Osaka MT Bldg. 2nd Floor, 5-13-9 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 11, 〒5320011, JP)
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