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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/208915
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An advance/retreat movement device equipped with an advance/retreat position control mechanism for controlling in a manner such that an advance/retreat member capable of advancing and retreating relative to a case advances and retreats between an advanced position and a retreated position, a restriction member for restricting the advance/retreat movement of the advance/retreat member, a drive unit for rotating a drive shaft, and a drive force transmission member for moving the restriction member by transmitting the drive force from the drive unit to the restriction member, wherein: the advance/retreat member moves so as to advance or retreat while rotating relative to the case; the restriction member is provided so as to be capable of moving between a restriction position for restricting the advance/retreat member, and a release position for releasing the restriction, and restricts the advance/retreat member by engaging an advance/retreat member-side member in the restriction position; the drive unit is provided on the same side as is the advance/retreat position control mechanism relative to the restriction member and the advance/retreat member; and the drive shaft extends so as to include the direction in which the advance/retreat member extends as a directional component. As a result, it is possible to provide a more compact advance/retreat movement device.

YAMAMOTO, Nobuyuki (12-28 Sakaemachi 1-chome, Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 45, 〒6650845, JP)
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December 07, 2017
Filing Date:
May 24, 2017
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HI-LEX CORPORATION (12-28, Sakaemachi 1-chome Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 45, 〒6650845, JP)
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E05B83/34; B60K15/05; E05C19/02
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