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WIPO Patent Application WO/2003/020130
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This invention is the combined function of bloodstream improvement and blood pressure measurement. It is devised to promote health by cycling stagnant bloodstream when it is changed into the function mode. User can choose various stimulations and change into the control mode. It has different methods of stimulating in accordance with modes such as (1) blood pressure measurement (2) bloodstream improvement (3) brain waves adjustment (4) body weight adjustment and (5) sleeping control. This multi-functional blood pressure monitor produces compressed air with an air pump. Constant putting and emitting compressed air according to the set-up mode for a certain period of time increases bloodstream of capillaries. It is expected that various physiology vitality is caused according to stimulation modes and frequency. It is supposed to be use as a health assistance appliance for preliminary healthcare and prevention of adults diseases since it measures accurate blood pressure and brain blood pressure then compares these.

Jeong, Dongmyong (Busuk B/D 4F #1032-9 Busong-Dong 570-973 Iksan Chonbuk, KR)
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March 13, 2003
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September 26, 2001
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Jeong, Dongmyong (Busuk B/D 4F #1032-9 Busong-Dong 570-973 Iksan Chonbuk, KR)
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A61B5/022; A61H39/00; (IPC1-7): A61B5/02
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1. ] 1 Item 11 The body of this multifunctional blood pressure monitor which generates compressed air with air pump and supplies, divides, discharges the compressed air in accordance with the controller, in addition, measures blood pressure and pulse, It controls the stimulators by means of changing into blood improvement function ; Cuff which measures blood pressure with compressed air which is supplied from the body ; Multifunction blood pressure monitor that consists of the assistance band which stimulates capillaries of various human body regions with compressed air. Item 21 From the item 1, the body is made up of the indication window that comes up with blood pressure, pulse, time, pressure of stimulation and action function mode, Input button that can select and set action function, Interior battery and compressed air socket to supply the cuff and the assistance band with compressed air through an air hose and discharge it. 1 Item 31 From the item 1, the body which includes a assistance air socket to supply more than 2 assistance bands with compressed air and a power socket to supply the body with DC power. 1 Item 41 From the item 1, the body that includes the control wire socket to regulate additional stimulator added in the assistance band. 1 Item 51 From the item 1, the body includes the hose cable which combines the control wire and the air hose to supply the assistance bands and the stimulators with compressed air and control signals easily. 1 Item 61 From the item 1, the body converts the modes below with the input button outside. 70 blood pressure measurement mode (2) bloodstream improvement mode O brain waves adjustment mode (!) body weight adjustment mode X) sleeping control mode (B) the other additional modes 1 Item 71 From the item 1, the assistance band is consisted of a pair of connection holes which combines band in archetype according to stimulated region sizes ; Air pouring entrance which injects compressed air from the body; Air hose that connects air pouring entrance with the body ; Air lobe to fill compressed air that is driven through the air pouring entrance; Separator that divides the air lobe into several small lobes and connects these to attach the lobe and divide the pressure; Assistance band that includes assistance band structured with the outer cover of band to keep the air lobe from swelling more than the certain limit and to attach magic tape ; Item 81 From the item 1, the assistance band includes the other party of the magic tape to attach and detach additional stimulators and the magic tape attached symmetrically at the right and left sides of the middle to attach the eyepatch type of stimulator to the assistance band which is worn on the head. 1 Item 91 From the item 1, the assistance band which is made up of the head band for brain bloodstream improvement and brain waves adjustment ; the legs and arms band for weight adjustment and bloodstream improvement, the abdomen band for abdominal bloodstream improvement and weight adjustment, the shoulder band for bloodstream improvement and massage for shoulder, the heating band for fatigue recovery and heat stimulation, the ore pad for infrared rays and composition spectrum stimulation, the vibration stimulator which is devised to increase the efficiency of stimulation with vibration energy and the assistance band designed to be attached to separated stimulators. 1 Item 101 From the item 1, the multifunctional blood pressure monitor is consists of the passive air compressor that supplies the assistance band with compressed air and the pushing type of valve to emit compressed air of the assistance band simultaneously.
Multi-functional Blood Pressure Monitor lTechnological fieldl This invention has the similar mechanical structure to Blood Pressure Monitor.

Existing Blood Pressure Monitors are based on a simple principle of measuring the maximum and minimum blood pressures and pulse wave by wearing pressure a cuff on wrist or arm after this supplying the compressed air caused by air pump then compressing oscillometric way.

Thus general Blood Pressure appliance has single function of measuring blood pressure and pulse waves. However this multi-function Blood Pressure Monitor has a cuff and separated assistance bands for legs and arms and more stimulators to change several function modes so that it helps improving the state of bloodstream and the speed of blood stream as well as measuring blood pressure. To be more detailed, beside general blood pressure measuring function it does the functions following ; bloodstream improvement, fatigue recovery, releasing stress, removing fat inside of human body, brain waves adjustment, studying assistance, sleepiness prevention, sleeping guidance and prevention of cardiovascular disease such as imbecility, stroke by improving bloodstream without exercise and medication.

Thus this invention provides a multi-functional Blood Pressure Monitor which uses several additional devices such as the assistance band, vibration stimulator, heating band, ore pad and so on to improve health through various physiological vitality effects caused.

[Background Art] Capillaries and bloodstream state are important factors for organs'and cellular metabolism in human body. Especially the states of cardiovascular and brain bloodstream cause imbecility, palsy as well as brain fatigue and a headache.

Generally medication, kinesioiogy, massage and finger-pressure therapy etc are used to extend capillaries of head and remove lesion so that the state of the brain stream is improved but there are still side effects and limits.

Even though massage equipments are devised with air pressure or vibration like before, there is no brain bloodstream improvement system. The massage equipments have different methods of stimulating and no functions of measuring blood pressure or pulse.

Commercialized sphygmomanometers have single function but none has bloodstream improvement function or multi-function for health improvement as well as blood pressure

measuring function.

Furthermore, any Blood Pressure Monitors which are designed to combine with stimulator such as pressure stimulator, vibration stimulator and pressure stimulator electively so that it can be used for fatigue recovery, weight adjustment, studying assistance, sleepiness prevention and sleeping guidance when it is needed.

[Disclosure of invention It is designed users can choose various stimulation and change to control mode. It has different methods of stimulating in accordance with modes such as (D blood pressure measuring (D bloodstream improvement, O brain waves adjustment (A) body weight adjustment and Z sleep control mode to widen the range of its usage. This invention provides the multi-function Blood Pressure Monitor which reduce the moderns'fatigue and headache, is used as a studying assistant and prevents adults disease and cardiovascular diseases as stroke, imbecility and so on.

To accomplish all the purposes mentioned above, this multi-function Blood Pressure Monitor generates compressed air with the air pump which is composing the structure of Blood Pressure Monitor and it uses the oppressing cuff to measure blood pressure.

Besides, bloodstream of capillaries increases by equipping assistant bands worn on legs, arms and head electively and constant putting and emitting compressed air into the oppressing band according to set up mode for a certain period of time. It is expected that various kinds of physiology vitality effects are caused according to the stimulation modes and frequency like the brain waves adjustor which uses light stimulator and the sound stimulator by doing so.

There are several attachable stimulators such as the vibration stimulator which increase bloodstream improvement effect, the light stimulation module using brain waves sense electrode installed in the head band and the infrared rays element, the sound stimulation module, and infrared rays and composition spectrum stimulation by using a heating band and ore pad. Futhermore, it can be added more stimulating devices as function mode is added.

The below describes the advisable example of performing this invention in detail in reference to the drawing enclosed.

Drawing 1 displays the structure of multi-function Blood Pressure Monitor's body (10) The body (10) shown in drawing 1 marks the mode which is set up by a button for controlling the outside on the LCD indication window. It consists the air pump (61) to supply the cuff (11) for measuring blood pressure and the assistance band (12) with

compressed air, the solenoid (68), selection valves (67) and interior battery (61).

Futhermore it controls the peripheral equipments.

The compressed air generated in the body is supplied to each band and discharged through the air hoses (33A, 33B). The assistance air socket (16) is installed to operate more than 2 assistance bands (12) at the same time also the control wire socket (15) is established to provide signals by combining control wire connector (35) when it is needed to control additional stimulating devices. In addition to it, the power socket (22) for connecting with the power supplier (62) when the interior is used for recharging and the assistance power socket (23) to operate additional stimulation devices.

Drawing 2 is the functional schematic diagram of the body for the aforementioned action.

The controller using microprocessor or single chip is stared it's marking device by the first press on the mode selection button (17). The second press enables to select (3blood pressure measuring, (2) bloodstream improvement brain waves adjustment (!) body weight adjustment (5) sleeping control mode and so on in order. In a certain mode, users set up the maximum pressure, stimulating time and the control factors of additional devices with the selection button (20) and it is possible to adjust the strength with the increasing button (19) and the decreasing button (18).

Once the control variable input, the control mode which is set up by the execution button (21) starts to act. The action fixed stops automatically as long as there is no additional input in the following 5 seconds.

The power used supplies the chargable battery (67) by rectifying and decompressing AC power into DC power in the rectifier (62). Futhermore, it operates the air pump (64) which supplies the cuff (11) and the assistance band with compressed air, the selection valve (67) that chooses the oppressing band and the solenoid (68) for discharge the compressed air after oppressing, In addition, it controls the pressure detection circuit (65), the pulse detection circuit (66), the function mode determined by the selection button (20), the maximum pressure, the stimulating time and the stimulating device and the measuring which are added electively and determines the maximum and minimum blood pressures by the A/D input in the blood pressure measuring mode.

To perform (3blood pressure measuring mode, at first setting the cuff (11) on wrist or arm with cuff ring (47) and magic tape (48) in the band type and connect the hose connector (50A) to the compressed air socket (14). After that select the bloodstream improvement mode with the mode selection button (17) and press the execution button (21) to fill the blood pressure cuff (11) with 200-300mmHg compressed air and compress it slowly, The determined maximum and minimum blood pressure in oscilometric method and the number of pulsation can be shown on the LCD indication window to let users compare it

to the preceding measurement.

To perform Obloodstream improvement mode, install the assistance band (12) on one of the following regions of human body; head, legs, arms, abdominal region and shoulder at first and select the bloodstream improvement mode with the mode selection button (17) after that input the maximum stimulation pressure and the stimulating time with the selection button (20) and press the execution button (21) then it oppresses with the fixed maximum pressure in the range from 150mmHg to 250mmHg.

When it reaches the maximum pressure it continues the action that installs solenoid (68) is in the exhausting state and discharge it in no time and stops.

In this process, bloodstream of capillaries is stimulated by temporary oppressions and momentary emissions and it raises the speed of bloodstream since body waste is removed. In fact it has been proved that the speed of bloodstream is increased by 5-10% per 20-30 minutes stimulation.

Especially, bloodstream improvement effect is raised by about 5% under the stimulus of vibration by attaching the vibration stimulator to the magic tape (51C) installed in the middle of the assistance band and connecting the assistance power wire (30) to the assistance power socket (23) of the body (10). Moreover, bloodstream improvement and fatigue recovery effect are raised in case of adding the ore pad spread with either jade or crystal. brain wave adjustment mode uses the assistance band (12) as the head band by wearing on head. It repeats the same action like the bloodstream improvement mode but it is different from this mode since it differs the frequencies which is decided by the length of a period of oppressing and discharging size according to the states of brain waves. Also the stimulation pressure is lower than the bloodstream improvement mode so it is more effective to set it up from 80mmHg to 150mmHg.

In addition, the connection hose (25) and the hose cable (32) which combined with the control wire (24) can be used to make the separated control wire connection convenient when the assistance band is connected to the separated stimulating device (53) such as the brain waves adjustor and measuring electrode.

This hose cable (32) connects the hose connector (50C) to the compressed air socket (14) of the body (10) and combines the control wire connector with the control wire socket (15) so that it is easy to add the sound, light and electromagnetism stimulations.

As a result of it, the brain waves adjustment effect rise.

(8) body weight adjustment mode oppresses and emits according to the fixed maximum pressure and the stimulating time like the bloodstream improvement mode but it is different from this in the stimulation pattern.

Quick emissions after the maximum oppressing are not expected in the body weight adjustment mode. In fact it emits up to 40-60% of the maximum pressure and differs the number of oppressing based on the beginning, middle and end of the fixed time. As a result, it gets to have massage effect and also it offers weight loss effect by consuming fat. The friction and the heat effect are caused by strong vibration of the vibration stimulator attached to the assistance band (12) and it helps the fat consumption.

Although sleeping control mode has the same action as the body weight adjustment mode in the beginning and this mode differs the frequency from the high to the low like brain waves stabilization mode of the brain waves adjustment mode. However it is different from the brain waves adjustment mode as it leads to sleeping state naturally by decreasing stimulating pressure in portion to the fixed time simultaneously and at last getting extinct at the lowest pressure and frequency. On the contrary, it increases either frequency or strength and stops in order to lead to the active state when it is needed to prevent sleepiness.

Drawing 3 shows the hose cable (32) which is connected with the assistance power wire (30) and the connection hose (25) for combining with the assistance power socket (23) to operate several stimulating devices (54) in the body (10). It increases convenience by connecting compressed air to the control signals easily and it strengthens the durability of the signal wire in use.

In drawing 4 the rectification power supplier (36) connects to a power plug (38) in order to reduce 110-220V AC power first and detects it into DC power then connects the charger plug (37A) to the power socket (22) of the body. Through this process it operates the body (10) by recharging the interior circuit and the battery for recharging.

Futhermore, in the case of moving on vehicles or not being able to use power, it can be used by connecting a cigar jack plug (40) for vehicles to the cigar socket of vehicles (48) then combining the DC power plug (37B) with the power socket (22).

Drawing 5 displays the assistance air compressor (41) that maintains the bloodstream improvement function in passive way when the interior battery (61) is run out or the body (10) has any problems. In this cases, connect the air hose (33C) of the compressor (41) instead of the air hoses (33A, 33B) of the body (10) after that handle the assistance compressor (41) by the hands like a passive sphygmomanometer to generate compressed air then push the passive opening and shutting valve to discharge the air all at once in case of emission. As a result, it is handy to maintain the bloodstream improvement effect even when it is difficult to carry the body since it can maintain the effect only with the assistance band (42) and the assistance compressor (41).

Drawing 6 is the detailed drawing of the cuff which is designed to supply the air

lobe (45A) with the compressed air lead-in through the air pouring entrance (49) with the air pressure generated in the body (10). The magic tape (48A) on the cuff ring (47) is drawn and linked to the other party of the magic tape (48B) to combine the cuff with wrists or arms in the band form.

The structures of cuff (11) for wrist and arms are the same but the cuff for wrists is shorter and narrower.

Drawing 7 shows the structure of the assistance band (49) to oppress and dilate head and other human body regions beside the blood pressure measuring mode.

The assistance band (12) is manufactured in belt form and it is combined in band type of archetype. A pair of the magic tape (51 A, 51 B) are attached at both ends of it and a ring- shaped connect hole can be installed instead of the magic tape (51A, 51B).

The assistance band is classified into head band, legs and arms band, abdomen band and shoulder band by the regions applied to. Each band has different shape however all these bands have the closeness style air lobe made of either rubber or silicone for the durability against pressure and the separator (51) that divides the air lobe into certain number of units and connect these units to lengthen the air lobe's span of life and also it divide the pressure equally.

The assistance band (12) in the middle of the magic tape (51C) is designed to attach the separated stimulation devices like the vibration stimulator. Futhermore, the other pair of magic tape (53A>533) installed symmetrically on the right and left sides of the band is for attaching the stimulating device in eyepatch style easily.

The air lobe (46B) distends as long as it is supplied with compressed air from outside then gets thicker. In fact, it bears up to pressure 300mm Hg in general. The separator enables the compressed air come in fairly by means of partitioning units partly. In the mean time, the assistance band (12) prevents the air lobe (46B) from extending over (38) the set limit. Moreover, it equips the outer covering (45B) of the air lobe (31) to protect the skin which are connected with the device.

As it has been explained, this multi-function Blood Pressure Monitor activates physiology vitality and promote health by means of bloodstream improvement as well ad blood pressure measurement. This device can be used in several ways by adding various stimulating devices (54), the measuring device (56), the blood pressure measurement cuff (11) and the assistance band (12).

[Brief Description of drawings Drawing 1 is the schematic diagram of the body of this multi-functional Blood Pressure Monitor Drawing 2 displays the structure of the hose cable for controlling additional equipments Drawing 3 shows the structure of the power supply device in the body.

Drawing 4 displays the structure of assistance air compressor Drawing 5 is the detailed drawing for blood pressure measurement cuff Drawing 6 is assistance band's detailed drawing Drawing 7 is the functional schematic diagram of the body in drawing 1 <mark's explanation for main part of the drawing> 10 body 11 blood pressure measurement cuff 12 : Assistance band 13 : LCD indication window 14 : Compressed air socket 15 : Control wire socket 16 : Assistance air socket 17 : Mode selection button 18 : decreasing button 19 : increasing button 20 : selection button 21 : performing button 22 : Power socket 23 : Assistance power socket 24 : Control wire 25 : connection hose 30 : Assistance power wire 31 : Assistance power plug 32 : Hose cable 33A, 33B, 33C: Air hose 34 : Cable Connector 35 : Control wire connector 36 : Power supplier

37A, 37B: DC power plug 38 : Power plug 39 : power wire for vehicles 40 : cigar jack plug 41 : Assistance compressor 42 : opening and shutting valve 45A, 45B : outer covering of band 46A, 46B : air lobe 47: cuff ring 48A, 48B : magic tape (for blood pressure) 49A, 49B : Air pouring entrance 50A, 50B : Hose connector 51 A, 51 B, 51 C : Magic tape (for assistance) 52: Separator 53A, 53B : Magic tape (for stimulation) 54 : stimulating device 55 : measuring device 60 : Controlling device 61 interior battery 62 : rectification power device 63 : DC power device 64 : Air pump 65 : Pressure detection 66 : Pulse detection 67 : Selection valve 68A, 68B: Solenoid 69 : Low voltage detection 70 : A/D input [Best mode for carrying out the invention) As being shown in the enclosed picture, put the assistance band on the head, connect the pressure hose to the body of the system then operate the bloodstream improvement mode after pushing the mode selection button in the body to input stimulation pattern mode, pressure and time.

The assistance band can be applied to the arms and legs. It repeats oppressing with

compressed air and extending with swift emission. In this process the speed of bloodstream rises by temporary stops of bloodstream and slackness stimulation. At last various physiology vitality effects are created by the increased bloodstream.

The blood pressure measurement cuff is for accurate measurement of blood pressure and also it is possible to measure brain blood pressure with the assistance band. User can figure out how promoted brain bloodstream is before and behind improving bloodstream in means of comparing arms'bloodstream to brain blood pressure. llndustrial applicabilityl As explained in detail, this multi-functional Blood Pressure Monitor measures blood pressure in oscilometric way with the control device made up of the blood pressure measurement cuff and the air compressor. Futhermore, it increases the speeds of the bloodstreams of peripheral blood vessels and brain blood vessels by means of oppressing and extending capillaries with the assistance band and it improve the state of bloodstream as well. As a result, it releases overexertion, brain fatigue and stress without tendency and side effects of medication. Moreover, it provides physiology activation and heath promotion such as bloodstream improvement, brain waves adjustment, studying assistance, body weight adjustment, sleepiness prevention, sleeping guidance and so on by means of using various additional simulating devices and measuring devices electively.