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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/139491
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The invention originates from three earlier inventions of which two have blades with dihedral angles on the wind side, having a planar aerodynamic rhomboidal shape, generating energy with two sets of blades on a single tower and operating with two sets of blades with a single wind mass, doubling the power output from the wind by up to 100% of its potential energy. The newly improved invention doubles the 100% gain, producing 200% of the potential energy of the wind, by converting the static energy of the atmospheric pressure into dynamic energy, and using same, with a dihedral angle being installed on the side of the blade opposite the wind, where tests have demonstrated there to be more power in the wind. According to the invention, the power of these two elements, wind and atmospheric pressure, is combined and their output is doubled, generating more electrical energy using a single mass of said elements twice, by means of the simultaneous action of the two sets of three blades, producing a hitherto undreamt of amount equalling 200%. The invention heralds a new frontier in the scientific and technical field, which will be impossible to beat, creating a new technological field and system summarised under the name: Atmospheric Pressure and Wind Energy System (or Sistema de Energía del Viento y la Presión Atmosférica "SEVPA"), a system which will strengthen the global wind power industry and which will open up resources for research and study in order to investigate whether it can be applied to solve new scientific and technical problems.

SAAVEDRA PACHECO, Pedro (Av. Huancaray, Mz. B Lt. 7A, Urb. San Carlos, Lima 43, Lima 42, PE)
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July 18, 2019
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January 11, 2019
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SAAVEDRA PACHECO, Pedro (Av. Huancaray, Mz. B Lt. 7A, Urb. San Carlos, Lima 43, Lima 42, PE)
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