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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/138009
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A novel method and procedure for making an inner garment is disclosed. A conventional fabric underwear is lined with a fabric made from natural aloe vera fibre. This product helps to maintain an optimum temperature in the genital region thereby contributing to a better sexual health of the individual and an improved fertility.

P.SITHESWARAN alias VENKATESAN (No.21, 22 Swamiyappa Nagar Annex,,Seelanaiyakanpatti, Salem 1 Tamil Nadu, 63620, IN)
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August 17, 2017
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July 06, 2016
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P.SITHESWARAN alias VENKATESAN (No.21, 22 Swamiyappa Nagar Annex,,Seelanaiyakanpatti, Salem 1 Tamil Nadu, 63620, IN)
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B Senthil Kumar (New No. 35, Old No. 16 Ramanuja Nagar,Konnur High Road, Ayanavaram, Chennai 3 Tamil Nadu, 60002, IN)
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I Claim :

1. A novel inner wear comprising, a) a fabric of the inner wear including a crotch portion, b) an aloe vera fabric portion lining the inner part of the fabric inner wear such that the lining covers the crotch region and is in direct contact with the genital region and c) means for attaching the aloe vera fabric lining to the fabric inner wear.

2. A method and process of producing novel inner wear, comprising the steps of, a) cutting a piece of fabric to form a inner wear having a crotch portion, b) cutting a piece of aloe vera fabric corresponding to the shape of the crotch region, c) attaching the piece of aloe vera fabric to the crotch region of the fabric inner wear and d) stitching of the product to produce a inner wear.


Field of the Invention

The present invention generally relates to the production of a novel inner wear made using conventional textile material along with fibre obtained from Aloe Vera.

Summary of the invention

Global warming and changes in weather conditions along with changing lifestyles and food habits is causing major problems to humans. The very existence of the human race is dependent on our ability to tackle these challenges. Some of these changes in lifestyle and climate is causing a serious problem with respect to the ability of humans to have children. This is due to the decreased fertility of males and females and consequently their inability to have children.

By nature, the male reproductive organs are situated external to the body. This is because the production of sperms require a temperature of about 2 Degrees Celsius lesser than the body temperature. The scrotal sac helps in maintaining this lower temperature by moving the testes away from the body when the body temperature is high and by moving the testes towards the body when the external temperature is cold. Due to the types of inner wear that is worn by men and also due to the general increase in global temperatures, this vital activity is not carried out properly resulting in less than optimal conditions for the production of the sperms. Due to this average sperm count in men, fertility has been coming down over the last few years. The sperm count along with the quality of the sperms in terms of their motility etc, determine the fertility of a male and his ability to produce children.

Working in airconditioned office space for long hours is also having an impact on fertility and we see many new generation men (who work in air conditioned premises from software and service companies) suffering from infertility or reduced fertility.

To combat these problems and changes in climate and to maintain the optimum temperature to the testicles, a novel inner wear for men is disclosed here. The disclosed inner wear for men contains exclusive material lining made of Aloe Vera fibre. This lining is provided in the inner wear such that only the portion which covers the scrotum is lined with the natural fibre of Aloe Vera. This exclusive lining is supported on either sides with quality elastic and provides good support to the scrotum. This novel inner wear helps to keep the testes at an optimum temperature always, thereby enabling a proper production of sperms at all times. This inner wear helps to keep the scrotum and testes warm, when the outside temperature is cold. The same inner wear with aloe vera lining helps to keep the testes at a relatively cool optimum temperature, when the outside temperature is hot.

In these days, women also face a lot of health issues due to global warming, change in their lifestyles, habits etc. Women typically wear different types of clothing one over another. Further their genitals are not outside the body (as in men). Due to this reason, their genitals are always warm and humid. This causes an increase in the temperature inside their body and affects their ovaries and their ability to produce ovum thereby contributing to reduced or impaired fertility. This invention proposes the use of a novel inner wear that is made like a convention panty for women, but that is lined with a material made out of Aloe Vera fibre. This lining can be provided in the place where in the inner wear will be in contact with the genitals of the women. The inner wear is lined with a special elastic material for a comfort wear and is designed to provide optimum support to the perineum area and private parts.

The exclusive lining material made of aloe vera fibre maintains an optimum temperature both during hot and cold climate. Therefore the ovaries and sexual organs can function in a better manner.

Detailed Description of the invention

This invention proposes the use of Aloe Vera fibre lining to a conventional inner wear or under wear or inner garment that is worn. The main ingredient being a fibre, which has to be obtained through a process. The fibre is removed from the aloe vera plant. The removed fibre is dried first. The dried fibres are dyed based on the colour required and finally the yarn from this fibre is made. This yarn is used to prepare the lining material and that is placed in the inner region of the garment (the lining material is provided in the portion where the inner wear comes into contact with the human genitals).

This natural fibre helps in providing the optimum temperature to the sexual organs in both men and women thereby improving the fertility. Another benefit of this product is it absorbs moisture and sweat very effectively. This lining is also anti-microbial in nature and thereby prevents the possibility of contracting infections in the genital area. The Aloe Vera fabric is very nourishing for the human skin. The fabric is light weight, highly absorbent and grease resistant. The fabric repels moisture and cold from the outside and allows easy evaporation of sweat due to the presence of large number of pores. The fabric offers excellent antibacterial and anti- allergenic properties.

Being a natural product, there is no irritation or allergy caused to the person wearing this product. The invention may be easily understood by studying the drawings in the annex. The coloured portion of the inner wear is where the lining is provided so that the lining comes into contact with the crotch portion of the wearer.

Description of Drawings

Fig 1 : View of inner wear for Men Fig 2 : View of inner wear for women